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HPD blotter: Fundraiser popcorn swiped from school
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From Hinesville Police Department reports:


Assist citizen: An officer was sent May 24 to Fred’s to handle a shoplifting call. There, the assistant manager said she saw a girl “place two boxes of Kiss nails into her black bag,” the report said. “(The manager) advised the (suspect) attempted to pay for a bottle of glue. (The manager) confronted (the suspect) about the items she placed in her bag. (The suspect) took the items out of her bag and began to cry.”

It worked. The store decided not to prosecute the girl. Her mother came to pick her up. “Fred’s was able to restock all items,” the report ended.


Fight, or something: A Frasier Circle woman went to HPD on May 20 to report that her sister is a drug addict who frequently visits her home. The woman said her sister and her sister’s boyfriend came over and got into an argument because her sister didn’t have crack to smoke. At some point, the sister left the house but left her boyfriend behind, and he knocked on the woman’s door and asked the woman “if she knew her grandma’s phone number because he thought (his girlfriend had her grandmother’s cell phone number),” the report said, noting the woman said that when she asked her sister’s boyfriend why he wanted the phone number “(he) smacked his lips and walked away.”

The woman said she then went into the living room to find out why her sister’s boyfriend was acting weird. One thing led to another and she told him to leave, he said “make me” and then the woman’s fiancé stepped in and at some point the grandmother’s “pinky was bruised,” the report said.

Then, the fiancé tried to hold down the boyfriend “and roll (him) out of the home,” the report said. Then, the woman’s sister came back and they started arguing, and the woman told her sister and boyfriend they needed to leave. They did, but not before threatening to come back and kill the woman, who also told police her sister came back into the house “and took eggs, hotdogs and eight rolls of tissue paper.”


Theft by taking popcorn: An officer was sent to Lewis Frasier Middle School on May 23 in response to missing popcorn. The complainant, a teacher and coach, said her class had a fundraiser in December selling the popcorn. She went on maternity leave and when she came back she forgot the unsold popcorn “until the end of the year and the children had departed for the summer. (The teacher) states she realized there were 145 22 ounce cups of the popcorn missing, with a total resale value of $725.”







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