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HPD Blotter for Nov. 4

Criminal trespass

Police were called to a home on Gause Street. The complainant reported that someone tried to enter the home. The complainant showed the damaged front door to the officer who said it appeared that someone tried to kick the door in and damage the strike plate. The complainant said the deadbolt was locked and functional and likely prevent the burglar from entering.

Criminal trespass

A woman, who had repeatedly been told by officers and a homeowner to stay off their property, was arrested when she kept walking onto the property to argue with the homeowner. The woman had grievances with the homeowners in the past, walked off the property when police told her to move but then walked back on the property while arguing with the homeowner. The woman was arrested and taken to jail.

Simple assault

An employee of EnMarket on Main Street called the police to report that a man who is banned from the store, had walked by the store, peered into the window and showed the employees that he had a blade in his hand. She said the man did that because he is not allowed at the store. Police watched the video tape and saw the man but didn’t see any weapon or object in his hand.

Simple assault

Police responded to a domestic dispute call at a home on Olive Street. The woman said her fiancée pushed her and her son. She said the fight stated when she made food for herself and her son and her fiancée became upset that she didn’t offer him any food. In order to avoid a fight the woman said she walked into her daughter’s room to lay down on the bed. She reported that her fiancée came into the room to try and apologize and wrapped his arms around her holding her in place. She said her fiancée didn’t let go and they fell to the ground as she tried to get away from his grip. Her son walked into the room and started pushing her fiancée so that he would let her go. Instead her fiancée pushed her son. The woman said her son and fiancée kept pushing each other and then she grabbed her son, left the house so she could call the cops. After police diffused the situation, they left the scene only to be called back. The woman said her fiancée kept asking her why she called the cops, and she wanted the police there so she could leave the house peacefully until the situation cooled down.

Criminal trespass – damage

Cops arrested the daughter of a woman who said her daughter threw food on the floor and busted her TV during an argument. The daughter admitted she threw food and tossed the TV on the floor because she was upset about comments her mother made regarding family issues. 

Lost property

A man reported he could not find his handgun. He said he normally kept it under the driver’s side seat of his Dodge Charger. He wasn’t sure if it was lost or stolen from his car.

- Patty Leon

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