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HPD Blotter Nov. 5, 2019
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Cruelty to children, reckless conduct: A woman reported Oct. 23 she was “sprayed by a chemical agent while operating her motor vehicle,” and EMS was called.

The woman was visibly in some sort of distress and had trouble breathing, the report said. “(She) had a visible orange mark on her shirt from a possible chemical agent along with red bloodshot eyes. Tears were coming out of (her) eyes along with liquid draining from her nasal cavity. (She) began to gag and dry heave from the effects of the chemical agent.”

She had video which showed a man drive up to next to the car. “(He) began yelling vulgar obscenities to (the woman) and the passengers within. This is when (he) pulls an unknown object from  his vehicle, without getting out and begins to spray it inside (the woman’s) vehicle. (He) then attempted to block them in the far left turn lane with his vehicle. (She) was able to leave without further incident.” 

The front seat passenger, “stated that the chemical agent got into her mouth and face area,” and she told police her eyes and mouth were burning and it was hard to believe. 

The backseat passenger also felt the effects of the chemical, with difficulty breathing and “her right arm burning and itching.”

“(The child) also appeared to have been affected by seeing her mother in pain from the chemical spray along with the above stated effects. (The woman) stated that (the child) had a breakdown from the event that had just happened.”

EMS came to treat the victims, who refused a ride to the hospital. They were told to take photos of any other “bodily damages over the next few days,” and to get warrants. 

Armed robbery: An officer was sent to  Treetop Apartments around 4 a.m. Oct. 22 regarding a robbery. There, he met a man who said he was walking his dog when “a vehicle pulled up next to him. He stated two black males, wearing masks over their faces exited the vehicle.”

The man said the two men approached him, “one stood in front of him and the other stood behind him. Both males took out knives, pointed them at (the man) and demanded he give them all his belongings,” the report said.

“(He) told them he did not have anything. The black male in front of him told him ‘you’re kidding me.’ He patted him down, and when noting was found, both males got back into the vehicle and drove off.”

The man gave police as much info as he could on the men and their car. 

Simple battery: A Lyman Hall parapro reported Oct. 23 she “got injured while breaking up a fight between two juveniles ….”

The woman said “during the fight separation she pulled a muscle from her right shoulder. One of the juveniles kicked her left knee causing her ACL to tear.”

She said she reported the incident to school staff and they told her to get a police report. 

Disorderly conduct: Police were sent to the Dollar Tree around 6 p.m. Oct. 16 because a women was arguing with store employees over not getting $6 refunded back to her debit card.

Store employees said the woman’s debit card was declined three times, so another customer paid for the woman’s merchandise. 

That customer said she paid for the woman’s two items “as a nice gesture,” and the woman left the store “and came back upset about money missing from her account,” the report said, noting the customer tried to calm the woman down “but it was not working.” 

The customer said the woman “started to become enraged and she went behind the counter rushing toward (the clerk). She stated (the woman) forced her way into the office, broke a broom by slamming it on the ground separating the brush from the stick when told it was a corporate matter.” 

Then a third customer stepped in to separate the woman from the clerk.

The officer then talked to the woman, who showed him her online bank statement that reflected the three declined transactions as pending on her account.

The officer gave the woman the corporate number and told her to call them. He then spoke to the complainants, who said the woman was “enraged, cursing and yelling at the clerk about her money being debited off her card.” There were children present “at the time (the woman) was acting out of control,” etc.

They didn’t want the woman banned, but did want her to leave the store “at that time,” the report said.

Simple assault: A man called police around 2:47 p.m. Oct. 14 because a man pulled a knife on him in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods. The man, who has a Hispanic last name, said he may have cut off the other man, who was African American, off on Veterans Parkway because the man followed him from Ranger Joes and pulled up behind him as he and his wife were getting out of their car. 

“He stated the black male stated to him that he needed to go back to his country,” the complainant said. 

It turned out both men were military – the victim was a sergeant -- and the man with the knife got back in his car and drove off. He was later identified, but didn’t return a call to police. He got a voicemail asking him to call police as soon as possible. 

Disorderly conduct: An officer reported he was in the parking lot of Boots around 2:30 a.m. Oct. 27 when he “saw two women … rush up to and get in the personal space of a woman ….”

The two women were “yelling and acting aggressively,” towards the third woman, and “it appeared to me that they might assault her,” the officer wrote, so he stepped in and told the two women to leave and escorted the third woman to her car.

About an hour, an officer reported he needed help at a Highway 84 Waffle House because of a disturbance, and the first officer went to help. There, he saw one of the woman he’d asked to leave Boots, as well as a woman “wearing very distinctive pants which I remembered seeing in the Boots parking lot,” the report said. 

There was another woman the officer didn’t recall from the club parking lot incident, and she was “visibly upset,” with the HPD officer who’d called for assistance,” the report said, “loudly stating he had pushed her.” In short, all three women “were loud and argumentative.”

On the other side of the parking lot were two women, including the woman who’d been escorted to her car after she’d been confronted by the two women in the Boots parking lot, and her sister, who’d driven up from Ludowici. Also there was the brother of one of the women who’d been asked to leave. Evidently, the argument started when he said something to the woman who’d been escorted to her car. And, at some point one woman called City Councilwoman Diane Reid, who came to the club. 

At any rate, a Waffle House employee said the first three women were trying to instigate a fight with the other woman, the report said. 

Forgery: Police are investigating a server “changing tip amounts on tickets,” after an Oct. 26 report in which an IHOP employee reported a customer complained “the amount charged to her bank account did not match the amount she owed on the service receipt.” The IHOP employee said she then started “previous receipts from other customers who were served by (the woman).” She reportedly gave police 12 receipts that had been altered by the server. 

Simple battery, criminal trespass:  Police were sent to a Demere Street address around 3:15 a.m. Oct. 27 because of a fight at a party, and it was the second time HPD was dispatched to the apartment. 

There, the reporting officer met with a woman who said she was trying to get everyone to go home, and she had an ice pack held to her jaw as she said so. She later admitted she’d gotten punched by a male, who in turn had also punched the windshield out of his girlfriend’s SUV. 

At the same time, another woman “had an ice pack on her right jaw,” and she said the man’s girlfriend had punched her, and her boyfriend told HPD his girlfriend punched both of the women who had ice packs on their jaws. He said he was being falsely accused and had been jumped “by an unknown group of males,” for hitting one of the women.

Battery: Police were sent to a Marne Boulevard address around 2 a.m. Oct. 27 regarding a 911 hangup. There they found a man and woman who “appeared to be very intoxicated,” and both had injuries. 

“There were paper cups and empty liquore bottles on the floor throughout the residence,” and, “(the man) advised they had a party with a large group of friends. The last of the visitors at the residence were exiting upon (police) arrival. A white male who was intoxicated was being picked up by his wife. He advised that he did not see anything.”

Meanwhile, the woman told HPD “she sustained her injuries from fighting with a female,” who “asked her who she was,” and then “provoked her and bumped into her while exiting the residence,” so they “had a fight outside of the home.”

The man confirmed the story, but neither would name the other woman involved in the fight. The woman at the home was taken by EMS to Liberty Regional, however. 

Simple battery: An officer was flagged down in a restaurant parking lot around 4:19 a.m. Oct. 26 by a woman who said her fiancée  slapped her in the face and threw rice at her. 

She told the officer  her “he urinated in the bed while they were sleeping. She work him up and told him that he urinated in the bed. She said he became upset and slapped her in the face. He then picked up a try of Chinese food and threw rice at her.”

The officer saw the rice in the woman’s hair, but didn’t see any bruising on her face. The man then showed up, and “corroborated” her story about “urinating in the bed. He denied slapping her in the face. He did admit to throwing rice (at his fiancée).”

The woman said she didn’t want to press charges for various reasons, but she packed her bags to spend the rest of the night with her daughter. She got a case number.

Obstruction: An officer conducted a traffic stop around 4:50 p.m. Oct. 26 at Fraser Drive and Rogers Road because the woman driving the car was going 43 in a 25 mph zone, a report said. While the officer was in his car checking her driver’s license and vehicle registration, “an unknown male approached the driver’s side of the suspect vehicle,” the report said. “The male appeared to be annoyed and was talking to the driver.”

The officer used his PA to tell the “male to leave my traffic stop,” the report said, but it was a no go, and the man ultimately called the officer a certain name. After an argument over whether the man should have to obey an officer’s request for ID, the man was detained. Turned out he was the woman’s “current boyfriend or husband,” and while in the back seat of officer’s car said he was having an asthma attack. After being cited for obstruction, he was given a court date and released on his own recognizance. The woman was cited for speeding, no taillights and a speedometer that didn’t work.”

Shoplifting: An officer was sent to an Enmarket around 7:28 p.m. Oct. 25 regarding a man who “came in to the store, took items, put them in his pants, and left the store without paying.”

Eyewitness and video evidence revealed the man “took two beers and two Little Debbie Snack Cakes,” and stuck them in his pants, then left in a white Ford Focus. Police got his tag number.

Disorderly conduct: A Glenn Bryant Road man said he while he was asleep Oct. 22 his roomate’s friend woke him up and they got into an argument “because he was speaking with a 19-year-old female who lives out of state,” a report said. 

The man said during the argument the woman told him she was going to shoot him “then left the residence to go to her vehicle and get a gun,” so the man called the cops “and stayed in the residence until police arrived.”

The officer asked the man if he ever saw a gun. He also said the argument never turned physical. 

The officer then spoke with the woman, who was in her vehicle in front of the home. She gave the same reason for the argument and said once the man called police she stayed outside “out of respect for the other occupants of the residence,” the report said. 

She did keep a gun in her vehicle, she said, but didn’t have a phone number.

The homeowner told the same story. After the officer finished up, the woman said she’d leave the house for the night. The complainant didn’t want a case number. “He stated he did not want one. He only wanted (the woman) to leave and never talk to him again.”

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