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HPD blotter Sept. 23
HPD patch

From Hinesville Police Department reports:


A woman called police to report that her ex-boyfriend walked inside her home through an open garage door. Police noted that the ex-boyfriend has an outstanding criminal warrant for continually stalking the woman. Police searched for the ex-boyfriend who took off when the woman said she had called police. Police have not found him, yet.

DUI, less safe alcohol

Police were called to check a vehicle that was parked in the middle of the street at Sandy Run and Gray Fox Road. When officers arrived, they found a green pickup trucked parked on the road at a stop sign. The driver appeared to be asleep at the wheel. Officers knock on the vehicle’s window until the driver woke up. Officers reported the man had blood shot eyes, seemed intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. Police reported they spotted an open bottle of vodka at his feet. The driver refused to exit his truck and was unresponsive. The officers called EMS to evaluate the driver, but he refused treatment. Officers got the man out of the truck, but he was unable to stand without assistance. He was handcuffed and placed I the patrol car where he passed out. Officers called EMS back to the scene and the driver was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center. EMS told the officers the driver has a medical history of substance abuse which caused seizures. The driver was charged with DUI, the vodka bottled was disposed of and his truck was picked up by a family member. 

Simple Assault

A complainant reported that his neighbor threatened to shoot him. The complainant said the neighbor’s dog had run into her yard twice and was chasing the kittens he kept outside. The complainant said the second time the dog came into his yard he went outside to chase it away with a broom. The dog ran under a tree branch and he kept hitting the tree branch and dog so it would leave his yard. The complainant said the neighbor stepped outside and touched his hip where he had gun and said, “If you hit my dog again, I will kill you.” The neighbor then called his dog to the house. Police went to speak with the neighbor who said he let his dog out and it ran toward the complainant’s house. The neighbor said he does own a gun and showed police where he kept his gun, inside a box of Fruit snacks. The neighbor allowed police to check his gun but denied that he threatened his neighbor in any way. Police informed the neighbor of the local leash laws and the penalties for making a physical threat.


A man reported that his home had been robbed while he was away for about a week. The man said he returned home and found his front door slightly opened. When he entered the home, he noticed his 60-inch flat screen TV was gone as well as several remote controls and other items. Police noted that the window in his bedroom was shattered and that it appeared a tool was used on the front door deadbolt. Police photographed the scene and noted the missing items. 

- Patty Leon

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