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HPD Blotters for Nov. 20
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Suspicious acts: A woman reported Nov. 9 that “on either Oct. 30 or Oct. 31 an unknown black male approached her in Super Walmart and told her that she had ‘beautiful feet’ and then began videoing them.”

“During the encounter the male provided her with a paper which had a diagram of a foot on it, along with (a phone number). She said that while he was talking to her she became uncomfortable and walked away from him,” the report continued. 

The woman said she saw the same man again Nov. 5 in Walmart “and confronted him about the previous encounter. She said the male denied her claim and said she was crazy.”

The officer was able to figure out who the phone belonged to and contact was made. The man came to the police department to talk to the officer, and “confirmed that he is approaching people in Walmart and speaking to them about their feet. He told me that he is a personal trainer and advocate of reflexology. He said that he does the recording to protect himself from false claims of wrong doing or unwanted contact.”

The officer asked the man “if he would show me one of the videos, to which he agreed. He showed me the video, which showed him videoing the feet of a woman while she moved back and forth. When asked how this absolved him of liability, because it only shows feet, he did not have a logical answer,” the report said.

The officer told the man “his practice of approaching women and videoing their feet is making people uneasy and that he should reconsider the manner in which he promotes his business.”

Public indecency, more: Police were sent to a Sherwood Drive address around 8:30 p.m. Oct. 27 because of a suspicious person in a backyard. 

They found him.

“The subject was completely naked, with the exception of his shoes. He said when he was walking home he felt something crawling on him. He went into the backyard on Sherwood Drive and took his clothes off. He further stated that something was sucking on his (sex organ).”

Police escorted the man to the front of the house so he could get his clothes back on and told him not to run.

He did anyway. 

“The subject picked up his pants and began to run down Sherwood Drive naked,” the report said. 

Police chased him into a front yard, where the man ran under a carport and stopped when an officer pointed his taser at him. 

The man eventually was handcuffed. He said he ran because he was scared. He was identified and police found a glass pipe nearby and some marijuana and a small bag with meth inside in the man’s pants. EMS was called and evaluated the man, who was apparently OK enough to be taken to jail. 

Accidental property damage: An officer was called to Timberland Circle around 9:20 p.m. Oct. 15 because a man said while he was driving “the roadway caved in causing his rear passenger side tire to drop into the hole.”

The man wasn’t injured, but the sinkhole hole was about five feet in diameter “with large amounts of water gushing out of it,” the incident report said. The city’s public works contractor, ESG, was called.

The vehicle was towed. 

Suspicious acts: A woman reported Nov. 7 that she locked her vehicle the day before and when she got up the next morning it was unlocked.

“(She) stated there was no damage and nothing was stolen from her vehicle. A sticky note was left on the steering wheel that read ‘pick up @ 9 at (a local carwash) owes $29.96 for EAF.’” 

The woman said she’d never been the car wash and has no idea where the sticky note came from. 

Suspended license: Around 7:40 a.m. Nov. 7, an officer saw a car cut through a convenience store parking lot around “and drive straight through to General Screven Way without stopping to avoid the red light, which had traffic stopped all the way back to where the vehicle entered the parking lot at.”

The officer pulled the man over and met the driver, who “acknowledged his violation with stating that he was in a bit of a rush.”

He also told the officer he didn’t have a driver’s license, and a check showed the man’s license had been suspended in South Carolina and the car was registered to his sister, who came to get her car. Her brother was arrested. At Liberty County Jail, the officer “was made aware of (the man’s) driver history showing at least three prior suspended license convictions within the last five years.”

Suspended license: An officer spotted a pickup pass a school bus with its stop sign out around 6:49 a.m. Nov. 7 near East Hendry and Commerce Street and pulled the vehicle over. The driver had a suspended license “and he was only trying to get to work,” the report said. He got arrested instead. 

Shoplifting: An officer was sent to Tractor Supply Company shortly before noon Nov. 5 after an employee saw a man “take a leaf blower from the shelf near the front of the store,” and run out of the store without paying for it. 

The man was described as white, 5-foot-8 to 5-foot-10 and 150-160 pounds and he got into a White Dodge Charger, 2014 or newer model, the report said. The leaf blower was a Husqvarna. 

No insurance: A driver was pulled on over Veterans Parkway around 5 p.m. Nov 15 after he failed to get over for an emergency vehicle with “activated lights and the officer was standing outside her vehicle talking to the vehicle she had on the traffic stop,” the report said, adding “there were no vehicles traveling in the number 2 westbound lane to prevent the (car) from changing lanes.”

The driver said he intended to get insurance the next day. “He was advised the vehicle would be impounded for no insurance and he needed to call for a ride.”

Suspicious acts: A woman reported around 2:30 a.m. Oct. 25 a man who “has been around the business for a while came into (an Enmark on Highway 196). She observed the male subject go towards the beer section of the store. She did not see the male subject take a beer from the cooler but she did observe the male subject heading towards the exit with what appeared to be a beer can in his pants pocket.”

The woman told police she told the man she’d call the cops if he left the store with the beer, and he went outside and sat next to the ice machine. She said the man has a “tendency to ask people for money and observes them at ATM machines, so he can ask for money.”

The man was apparently gone when police got there because the woman was told to call HPD if he came back to the store.

Vehicle damage: An officer was sent to the parking lot of a South Main Street barbecue place around 5 p.m. Oct. 23 to take the report of damage to a car for insurance purposes. The complainant, a woman, said her daughter had been driving when it happened. The daughter “said she was driving on Shaw Road when the bumper cover fell off and her vehicle ran over it,” according to the report. 

Criminal trespass: An officer was called to Friar Tuck Lane around 11:30 p.m. Nov. 11 where a man “advised me two juveniles pulled a stop sign out of the ground around 5 p.m. Nov. 9 and he caught them in the act. When he confronted them, they ran off. One of them was black and one was white. (The man) said he placed the stop sign in his yard for safekeeping until he notified police.” 

The city’s public works was notified and an employee came to put the sign back where it belonged.

Criminal trespass: An officer was sent to a Wedgewood Drive home regarding “a domestic in progress,” a report said.

There, the officer met with a woman who said her daughter got angry because her mother “did not have enough gas to drive her to work. (The mother) said while (the daughter was angry (the daughter) knocked a flower vase off of a table, slammed the front door open to where it widened a hole in the wall from a previous and similar incident and then slammed the storm door which caused the top glass pane to fall off.”

The mother said “this has happened several times since (her daughter) moved in approximately three years ago,” the report said. 

The daughter had gone when the officer got there. There was also apparently some uncertainty whether the daughter’s slamming the door or her kicking it had caused the glass to fall out. 

Suspended license, no insurance, headlights violation: An officer patrolling Gen. Screven shortly before 10 p.m. Nov. 1 spotted a car “driving on the car with blue headlights,” and pulled it over.

The driver had a suspended license and gave the officer an expired insurance card – it had lapsed in October, the report said – and said his HD headlight bulbs were 8K HID bulbs.

“8K HID bulbs do not shine bright white they shine bright blue,” the officer reported. “I advised him that his headlights are illegal because of the color.” 

The car was towed and the man was busted for driving on a suspended Virginia license.

Domestic: An officer was sent to a Brett Drive apartment regarding a “domestic in progress,” according to a report. The complainant, the boyfriend, said he and his girlfriend got into an argument “over how to fold (the boyfriend’s daughter’s) underwear.”

The boyfriend said he tried to stop arguing with his girlfriend and go make dinner and “he heard water running in the multiple clothing items belonging to him getting covered in water. When (he) asked (his girlfriend) to stop, she got a bunch of his clothing items and tossed them out the front door of the residence.”

The officer saw three garbage bags filled with clothes on the front porch.

He talked to the girlfriend, who said she “didn’t realize the clothes were in the bathtub when she started the water,” and she also said her boyfriend grabbed her and pushed her. The officer reported he didn’t see any marks on the woman, and stood by until an Army NCO came to take the boyfriend to Fort Stewart for “a separation period.”

Criminal trespass: Police were conducting a house check around 10:30 a.m. Nov. 3 on Ashmore Street  when they found a man inside the home. The owner was contacted and said he didn’t want to press charges, but asked police to tell the man not to return. They did. 

Shots fired, contraband: Police were sent to Granger Drive about fifteen minutes after midnight Nov. 2 due to a report of shots fired. People at the party told cops “someone was shooting a cap gun, but a woman she heard gunshots coming from down the street. Two .40 caliber shell casings were found by police, as well as a cigar pack with a joint inside. 

Unconscious person: An officer was sent to a Sagewood Drive address around 1:20 a.m. Nov. 1, where a woman said she “found (a man upstairs in her bathroom. (He) was blue in the face and not breathing.”

The woman told emergency personnel she “slapped him repeatedly to get him to ‘come back.’ (She stated) when he regained consciousness he was gasping for air.”

The man told police he “tried heroin for the first time,” and the reporting officer found two syringe needles. “He stated he received the heroin from one of his friends in Savannah,” but didn’t have more information. 

The man was taken by ambulance to Liberty Regional. 

Public drunk: An officer was sent to “the area of West Oglethorpe Highway and Kacey Drive in reference to an intoxicated white male who had fallen off of the sidewalk and into the roadway on West Oglethorpe Highway,” a report said. 

The man was obviously drunk, according to the report. He said he was from Blackshear and gave police his mother’s phone number, but they had no luck getting hold of her. The man was taken to jail.

Civil matter: An officer was sent to a Kelly Drive residence around 1:30 p.m., Oct. 27 where he met a woman who said “someone who was on the property helping them move took a television from under their garage,” a report said. “She stated she had told them she would give them something for helping, but she never stated what she would give them.”

A witness said a man had told them “(a man) had told the helpers that they could take the television if they helped move stuff from inside the property onto the moving truck. She stated that (the complainant) was upset due to the helpers not wanting to enter the residence.”

No one there could give the officer the names of the movers, but a man there helping said the complainant’s husband told them they could have the TV. That man “stated that the helpers only left when they realized that there was a lot of property in the house, and did not want to be accused of stealing.”

The complainant’s husband confirmed he’d struck a deal with the helpers, and after they moved items from the garage they refused to come into the house, then took the TV and left. 

Before the officer finished the report, he spoke to the witness, who said that the complainant and her husband were staying a motel, and she expected to hear from the complainant later that day. 

The officer ended his narrative by noting the complainant is restricted to a wheelchair and the husband’s “diminished mental capacity,” and “their unfortunate eviction from their home,” a copy of the report would be sent to DFACS and Adult Protective Services. “This is in hope that DFACS/APS could provide them with services, look into their physical and financial welfare, and prevent them from being taken advantage of.”

Fight: When one officer was sent to a West Oglethorpe Highway address around 8:47 a.m. Oct. 25 regarding a fight, he met with the complainant, a woman. At the same time, two other officers went to a South Main Street address to meet “the other half of this incident,” which was two other women.  

The complainant said around 8:40 a.m. she was “walking to the gas station when she saw her old friend (one of the two women at the South Main address). The complainant said (that woman) was refusing to return her and her boyfriend’s dryer. (Complainant) also stated she and (that woman) have been having issues the past couple of days and heard (that woman) had been ‘running her mouth,’” the report said.

The complainant said when she sa that woman walking “from the same gas station she was walking too, she attempted to confront her the past couple of days.”

The complainant said “as the two of them had gotten closer together she told (that woman) she heard she had been running her mouth and before she could finish speaking (that woman) hat hit her in the face with the bag of groceries she was carrying.”

So, she told police, she started defending herself, and she said a woman with her old friend “started hitting her as well,” before a bystander who drove by pulled over and broke the fight up.

The woman said she didn’t know the women involved “but stopping to help was the right thing to do,” the report said.

The other officer got similar stories, but they said the complainant started it and the second woman said she was trying to video it but dropped her phone during the scuffle. She also said the complainant at one point had pulled a knife, according to the report.

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