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HPD Blotters for Nov. 27
Crime scene tape

From Hinesville Police Department reports: 

Simple battery, criminal trespass: An officer was sent to a Pixie Lane address around 10:13 p.m. Nov. 13 regarding a domestic disturbance. There he talked to a woman who said she was talking to her mother on the phone when her boyfriend grabbed her phone and threw it, “causing it to break,” the report said.

“(The woman picked up the main part of the phone and (her boyfriend) picked up the backing to the phone then proceeded to walk out of the house. Prior to (his) walking out of the house, (his girlfriend) stated he grabbed a baked potato from the table and threw it at her. (The girlfriend) did have potato on her shirt.”

She got a case number and told how to take out a warrant. Her boyfriend “was no where to be found while I was on scene,” the officer reported.

Theft of lost property, financial transaction card fraud: This reportedly took place Nov. 8 at some point after 8 p.m. A woman at a fast food restaurant said her “cash app card had been used by someone else, and (the fast food restaurant ) was the last place she used the card. She realized she never got her card back from the employees during her visit and suspected an employee had used the card.”

She showed the officer transactions made on the card – one at a Dollar General and two more attempts that were declined.

The manager of the fast food restaurant told the officer she spotted the card at the register and put it near the drive thru, but when the complainant came back for her card the manager couldn’t find it, the report said. 

That’s because the cashier who took her order was put on break and the manager gave the complainant her food, and the complainant drove off. The next cashier “did not realize that the card had not been returned, and handed it out to the next car, later found to be a mint green Honda, with a man driving.”

The officer explained that to the complainant, then went to the local store where the first transaction was made. There an employee said a man and two women  came in “and were acting weird at the register,” etc. The officer saw the security video and has descriptions from that store. He also met with managers from another store to see if video was available. her arrest in several states, “but she did not believe she could be extradited for any of the warrants.”

The officer checked it out and learned Fulton County Sheriff’s Office was one of the places with a warrant on the woman, and she was arrested.

The woman’s property was inventoried and put into evidence, the report said, noting the woman asked that “the perishable items she had in her property” be donated to a soup kitchen. They were. 

Simple assault: An officer was sent to a Neighborhood Market around 9:30 p.m. Nov. 9. There, a man told him he was walking out of the store with his groceries, “when a man walked towards him in a violent and tumultuous manner and told him to stay away from his wife. (The complainant) told the man that he did not know who he was, but was not going to allow someone to walk up to him in that way. (He) stated the man then told him he must not know who he was because he would ‘bust a cap’ in him if he did not stay away from his wife. (The complainant) stated he backed away from the man and the man walked towards his vehicle,” and the complainant went back in the store and called 911. 

Then the complainant said he knew the man’s name but didn’t know him “personally. (He) also stated he did know the man’s wife, but he felt that did not warrant the man threatening him.” 

He gave police a description and wanted a report filed in case something else happened.

Reckless conduct, shots fired: Police were sent to Sherwood Drive around 2 a.m. Nov. 9 because of calls that shots had been fired. Police found 10 9-millimeter casings “spread sporadically down both sides of Sherwood Drive ….)” and got a description of a “white compact vehicle with two occupants firing guns in the air.” 

Found weapon: A man reported Nov. 12 he was on Brantley Drive putting notices on doors about a delay in water service when he found a pistol laying on a front doorstep. The man said “he secured the weapon once he noticed it was loaded,” and gave police the name of the person living at that residence. Police confiscated the gun. 


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