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HPD Blotters Oct. 14
cop handcuffs

HPD Blotters

Patty Leon

A woman was arrested and charged with speeding and driving with a suspended license. An HPD Officer used his radar gun and clocked the female driver going 41 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone. He pulled the driver over and asked the driver for her license. The woman produced a New York license which came back as being suspended. The officer said the woman acted as if she was unaware that her license was suspended. The officer also found that the woman had surrendered her Georgia license in January 2019 with a change of state. The woman called a friend to get her car and her two kids. She was arrested.

Animal Problem

Officers had to humanely euthanize a deer that was found by the side of the road at East General Screven Way. Officers found the deer had injuries preventing it from walking and dispatched it with a duty rifle.

Vehicle search

An Officer stopped a vehicle for having a window tint violation. When the driver produced his license the officer recognized that the driver has a history of sales of narcotics. The Officer asked for consent to search the car and the driver complied. Nothing was found during the search. He was warned about the window tint.

Criminal Trespass

A woman said her son went ballistic and started damaging his own car when she told him they would need to sell his vehicle. The woman said she was driving and telling her son that the car needed to be cleaned so she could sell it. She said her son started pulling on the steering wheel and punching the dashboard. He cracked the dashboard’s touchscreen and pulled off the radio knobs. She said he also threw her house keys out of the window and later got out of the car and kicked the passenger door. Police reported that her son would not calm down, was still upset and cursing at his mother. He eventually walked away.

Theft by taking

A man living on Kelly Drive called police to report his hedge trimmer had been stolen. The man said he placed the trimmer behind his car while he moved some property at his house for about an hour. He said when he went back to grab the trimmer it was gone. He said it was worth $400 but did need minor repairs to make it run. He said he has no idea who would have taken the trimmer.

Theft by taking

A couple began to argue inside Krystal in Hinesville. The woman said her man took her cell phone, worth $800, away from her because he thought she was cheating on him. The woman said she didn’t want to get her man in trouble but wanted her phone back. The man eventually returned the phone and the woman said she no longer needed to file a report. But the officer said he had to complete his report.

Criminal Trespass

A man got into a verbal dispute with a woman that was rising in his car. He said he told the woman to get out of his car. She did but also took the dog kennel out of the backseat and threw is against the car causing some damage. She also threw her ice cream inside the car too. When police arrived they found the broken kennel and damage to the cars as well as ice cream inside the car. The woman however, had left the scene



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