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HPD blotters for Sept. 8, 2021

Aggravated stalking

Police were dispatched to an apartment on Brett Drive where a female complainant said a man has been coming to her house and harassing her every day. The woman said the man has been doing so since he was released from jail on Aug. 17. The woman said there is a court order that the man not contact her. The officer searched for the man but he was not found in the immediate area. 

Earlier that same day there was another police report where the same complainant reported she was awakened by her kids who said someone was knocking on their door. She reported the same male was knocking on her door and attempting to get inside the house. She reported she did not open the door and he left but returned again a bit later so she called 9-1-1. He left again and when police arrived, he was nowhere to be found.

Accidental damage to property

An officer was dispatched to a home in the 700 block of Madison Drive on Aug. 22, for a call about property damage. The officer spoke with a woman over the phone, who reported her male roommate had accidentally discharged his firearm on June 11, while he was cleaning his gun. The woman said the bullet damaged the front window. The window said she wanted to make a report now because her roommate said he was going to repair the damage, but now he is moving out and the window is still damaged.

Pointing a firearm at others / possession of marijuana / and much more

On Aug. 20, police responded to a call at the Enmark station on E.G Miles Parkway in reference to a male subject waving a gun and arguing with someone in a whit Dodge Charger. When the officer arrived, he saw the male subject in the parking lot of the McDonald’s still arguing with someone in the white car. The subject acknowledged the officer’s presence and walked toward the officer just as backup units arrived on scene. The male subject was carrying a green bag and a walking stick. The officer asked what was going on and the male said he was arguing with the store employee about buying beer. The officer noticed the male subject was carrying a small bag and when he asked what was in the bag the male replied he had his gun in his bag. The officers requested he place the bag on the floor and reported the male gave the officers consent to look inside the bag. The report stated the officers found a loaded firearm, an extra magazine cartridge, drug paraphernalia, wallet and other items. When the officers ran his identification through dispatch they found out the male had an active warrant in Liberty County. The male also informed the officers that he did not have a Georgia weapon’s carry license. Prior to departing for Liberty County jail the male told the officers that he had marijuana in his shoe. The man’s shoe was checked and he did have a small bag of weed. The man faces several charges.

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