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HPD reports Aug. 25

Criminal trespass

On Aug. 10, Hinesville police officers were sent to a mobile home at Countryside Mobile Home Park regarding a domestic violence call in progress.

Dispatch alerted the officers that a male had punched his hand through a window and was no bleeding. Police arrived and spotted a trail of blood going from the front door, inside the home and toward the back bedroom. In the room police found a woman wrapping a T-shirt around the hand of a man. EMS arrived on scene and transported the man to Liberty Regional Medical Center.

The woman said she had not seen the man since he left the house four months ago. She said the man came to the house to visit the kids but was drinking all day and was intoxicated. The woman said she asked the man to leave. The man left but later returned and kicked in her front door to gain entry into the house. The woman said her front door will no longer lock and police confirmed the damage. The woman said she told the man she was calling the police so he left again. The woman reported she had to place her couch in front of the door to be able to keep it shut. She said the man returned again and tried to push the door open so she sat on the couch to stop him. The woman reported that’s when the man went to her bedroom window and broke it open with his hand. A warrant was issued for the arrest of the man after he is released from the hospital.

Peeping Tom

A man at Eagle Creek mobile Home Park reported that he caught his neighbor peeking into his home window. The complainant said he was seated in a manner where he could see his front porchlight. He said he suddenly noticed the porch went dark. He went to see if the lightbulb needed changing and as he got near the window he looked up and saw a man peeking through his window. When the man noticed he was seen he ran off. The complainant told the police the man was his neighbor. Officers spoke with the neighbor who denied it was him peeking in the window.

Failure to appear

An officer was in his patrol vehicle when he spotted a car that had a headlight out turning onto General Stewart Way.

The officer stopped the vehicle and ran the tag and discovered the registered owner had an active arrest warrant. The officer approached the female driver and explained that he stopped her for the headlight, but that she had an active warrant by the Hinesville Police Department for failure to appear in court from a previous seatbelt violation. The woman was placed under arrest, was issued a bond for $365 and given a court date

Entering auto

An officer was dispatched to a home in the 600 block of Fleming Road in reference to an entering auto. The officer spoke with the victim who said an iPad and 9mm gun were taken from her car.

The woman reported she had locked her car after she got home from work. She said when she got ready to go to work the following day she saw her passenger door open and the items missing from her car.

Simple battery

An officer was dispatched to a home on Tupelo Trail in reference to a domestic in progress. The officer spoke with a woman who reported she came home and found her boyfriend doing laundry. The woman told the officer, “He never does laundry when he’s here and since he wants to leave, he can leave with dirty clothes.” The woman reported she went to the dryer and pulled out his clothes which caused an argument. She said her boyfriend started picking up the clothes and putting them back in the dryer. She claimed that when she went to pull the clothes out again her boyfriend hit her twice in the back of the head. She said she ran outside and called police. The boyfriend said the woman had come home with a bad attitude and just started throwing his clothes out of the dryer. When they started to argue he said he started recording video with his cellphone when she started accusing him of hitting her. The officer watched the video showing the woman pulling the clothes out of the dryer and the man following her with the cell phone and recording. During the video the officer noted that it appeared the boyfriend merely bumped into the woman and she began screaming, “hit me again.” The officer said the woman had no marks to the back of her head that would support her version of the event.

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