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Kemp signs $1 billion tax rebate
Gov. Brian Kemp

ATLANTA – Gov. Brian Kemp wasted no time signing the $1 billion state income tax rebate the General Assembly passed this week.

The Republican governor put his signature on House Bill 162 late Tuesday, just hours after the Georgia Senate gave the legislation final passage.

“While some in Washington D.C., are calling for tax increases, we’re sending money back to hardworking Georgians,” Kemp said in a prepared statement, referring to the federal budget plan President Joe Biden unveiled last week.

“And while they want to grow government, we’re growing opportunity. Last year, we returned over a billion dollars to the taxpayers of our state, and I’m proud we’re doing it again … to help Georgia families fighting through 40-year-high inflation.”

The tax rebates will go to Georgians who filed state income tax returns for both the 2021 and 2022 tax years. Individual tax filers will receive $250, with heads of households receiving $375 and $500 going to married couples filing jointly.

The state Department of Revenue will begin issuing the tax refunds within six to eight weeks, with the overwhelming majority going out by July 1 for those who file on or before April 18.


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