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Kids remain in school for now
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Liberty County School System Superintendent Dr. Franklin Perry said kids will remain in class, for now. Dr. Perry said they are currently operational during the Aug. 24, Board work session. He said something that would cause a pause for concern would be if the LCSS got to a point where more staff were out sick. Dr. Perry encouraged people in the community to get vaccinated.

“The more people that take the shot, the more we can keep the spread down and keep our children in school,” he said.

Perry said their current data shows the majority of COVID spread among students is occurring when the kids are not in school. Board member Verdell Jones thanked the educators and students who she said are cooperating and working together so they can stay in the classrooms.

Jones asked that the Board keep the lines of communication, “Open and positive,” and keep everyone informed on matters on a daily basis if needed. She also asked the community to be more supportive with the LCSS’ educators and staff committed to teach the children every day.

“I think we, as adults need to start looking at ourselves and ask the hard question of what can I do to help,” she said. “We’ve been doing good. When I look around at all the other counties, we made some of the right decisions from the beginning. Our teachers are teaching and they are teaching in class. I applaud all of you that are working and doing the work.”

Jones said Dr. Perry has done a remarkable job for the LCSS.

Board Chair Lilly Baker also asked that the community be supportive and do their part in getting the vaccine and wearing masks. 

Dr. Perry said if they get to the point where they may need to make big changes, they want input from the parents before finalizing any plans. 

Board member Marcus Scott IV suggested that future meeting agendas should have COVID listed as an information item so they can discuss current numbers and information. He asked if concessions are being made to reduce class sizes. Dr. Perry said they are doing the best they can but enrollment has gone up and space is limited. Scott also asked if parents had the option of having their kids attend virtually right now. That option is available and the information is posted online on the school system’s website. 

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