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Lawmakers seeks support for fight for troops
State Rep. Al Williams, D-Midway
After once more displaying his frustration with the past legislative session as well as with the Army’s decision to not give Fort Stewart a 5th brigade, Rep. Al Williams, D-Midway, concluded his speech at the Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on Thursday by giving his word that he will continue to fight the decision.
“It’s called detrimental reliance. To our detriment we relied on your word ... We’re continuing to fight because we were done wrong,” he said.
During the past few months, he and many other local officials have made at least five trips to Washington, D.C., to lobby for more troops, including one just this past week.
Advancing his fight for growth, Williams asked all local business owners at the luncheon to support the effort by making donations to Friends of Liberty, an organization looking to prepare the area for more troops through development.
“Right now there are only about four or five people carrying the load. I’m asking you all to help out with $150 a month, or $100,” he said.
Williams said the cities that house Fort Bliss and Fort Carson, the two other installations affected by the decision, are much bigger and can better absorb the costs associated with troop expansion.
He said Hinesville has already invested about $450 million into planning for more soldiers to come to the area.
“You need to lay some money down … everybody in the community should be doing something,” Williams said.
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