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LCSO uses grant to upgrade
MR LCSD ImproveTech1.
Long County deputy Mark Hall removes an old computer at the sheriff’s department so he can install a new one purchased as a result of receiving a $98,723 grant. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
A $98,000 grant has helped the Long County Sheriff's Department upgrade its computer and communications systems.
The grant was received in September 2006.
According to Sheriff Cecil Nobles, much of the equipment in the department had become outdated and obsolete.
Since receiving the grant, several deputies have been working to install and update the equipment, including computers and servers.
The department also upgraded the communication equipment. The new equipment has increased the distance officers can be contacted in the field and made it possible to monitor two different frequencies.
Other items bought include an automated fingerprinting system, a new Intoxilizer (for measuring levels of alcohol consumed), a video/audio surveillance system and a metal detector for the courthouse.
The new surveillance system and the metal detector have increased the security at the courthouse and the sheriff’s department, including the parking area.
Deputy Mark Hall, who installed most of the equipment, said with the upgrades and additions the Long County is now online with other sheriff's departments.
Nobles said small departments like Long County have to get help from the federal government through grants or they can’t function.
“Fortunately Jack Kingston is our representative, and he has been good for Long County and helped us get these grants. If all counties had a man like him, they would have good man,” Nobles said.
Even though the department has improved communication and surveillance in the department, Nobles said it still is hurting in a major area.
“We still are in bad need of some new vehicles. Some of our cars have over 300,000 miles on them,” he said.
Nobles, Hall and deputy Bud Carter Jr. have written another grant request for 2007, and according to Nobles, the odds look good they will receive it.
“By October, we should know for sure how much the grant will be. It could be as high as $370,000,” Nobles said.
If approved, the money would be used to buy vehicles.
Nobles commended all of his deputies for doing a good job, but he was especially proud of Hall and Carter for their work in writing both grants and setting up the new equipment.
“When it come to computers, Mark is an expert. And he and Bud did a real good job with the grants,” he said.
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