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LCSS student return to virtual learning after Christmas break
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UPDATE: the LCSS has issued the following press release:

Based on current trends in the area concerning the virus, the Liberty County School System will make a temporary change to the in-person learning option. 

• All students will attend classes virtually beginning January 6th with the exception of students with IEPs 

• Students with IEPs may return to in-person learning January 6th (This does not include Speech-only students.) 

• Students who selected the in-person learning option will return to the school buildings on January 20th 

• Staff will return in-person according to their work calendar

 Dr. Perry, Superintendent of Schools stated, “I would like to thank the parents, students, staff and community for working together during this process. I am encouraged daily at how well everyone is adjusting. Please remember to keep your families safe by following the 3 W’s: Wash your hands, Watch your distance, and Wear your mask!” 

This plan is based on current information regarding the spread of COVID-19 and may be updated based on future increases or decreases in COVID-19 cases in our area. In an effort to keep stakeholders informed, the school system will send official updates through the following channels: 

• Liberty County School System website 

• Swift K-12 call and email system 

• District Peachjar page 

• LCSS Facebook page @libertycoschools

Earlier story: 

Liberty County School System Superintendent Dr. Franklin Perry announced that beginning Jan. 6, 2021 all students, except for Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) students, will all return to virtual online learning until at least Jan. 20, 2021.

Perry made the announcement after the BOE came out of executive session during their Dec. 8, meeting.

Perry also said students will have the option during the next eight days prior to the holiday break to either come to school in-person or go back to virtual learning.

“There are some people with some fears about this last week coming up,” he said. “And I know we can go both ways. I want to offer a choice to those parents that would want their kids to stay home next week and we can serve them virtually.”

“Next year we would start virtually for everybody,” Perry continued. “It won’t be a matter of changing the calendar, it’s just a matter of where we are placing our students.”

LCSS staff will be asked to return to work according to their schedule.

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