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Liberty County Board of Commissioners COVID-19 Mar. 19
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Liberty County has begun implementing countermeasures and precautions as needed to protect citizens, employees, and the workplace as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. All persons should follow guidance issued by the CDC and Department of Public Health in association with the matter. The State of Georgia has set up a CVOID-19 hotline at (844)-442-2681 to answer questions. Please only use 911 to report an emergency. 


Declaration of Local Emergency

Pursuant to Liberty County code 12-22, the Chairman of the Liberty County Commission has declared a local state of emergency in Liberty County. This has been done in conjunction with the statewide emergency order issued previously by the Governor. This has not been done because conditions have worsened in the County, but rather to prepare in advance for certain matters related to codes should they become necessary.    



All services under the Board of Commissioners are currently operational with normal business hours. However, walk-in traffic will be limited so as to minimize contact. We encourage citizens to conduct business by alternate means where possible. The following is a list of contact numbers for our departments:


Administration​​​(912) 876-2164

Animal Control​​​(912) 876-9191

Building/Licensing​​(912) 876-8454

Building Maintenance​​(912) 876-2543

EMA​​​​(912) 368-2201

Finance / water /Solid waste       (912) 876-2874

Fire services​​​(912) 876-4511

Human Resources​​(912) 876-1815

I.T.​​​​(912) 876-2460

KLB​​​​(912) 880-4888

Mosquito Control​​(912) 884-2065

Public Safety​​​(912) 368-2201

Public Safety Communications​(912) 368-3911

Recreation​​​(912) 876-5359

Road ​​​​(912) 877-3310

Solid Waste​​​(912) 884-5353


Community Events

All scheduled activities are cancelled until further notice. This includes recreational programs, Census events, and any other organized gathering previously proposed to occur under the purview of the Board. Additionally, all public meeting spaces including gymnasiums, pavilions, and parks normally associated with “mass gatherings” are closed until further notice. 


Water, Sanitation and Other Payments

The county, at this time, has not suspended, waived, or altered any water, sewer, or other fee currently due or in place per county ordinance. Persons with questions related to the specific fee or program may contact the appropriate number above for assistance.


Employment Applications

The County is not currently accepting walk-in job applications. Applications may be obtained online at under Quick Links: Employment and returned via one of the following methods:

• Fax to 1-912-348-0090

• Email to

• Mail to Liberty County BOC, 100 Main St. Suite 1320, Attn: Human Resources, Hinesville, GA 31313


Meetings of the Commission

In response to the public health emergency posed by the coronavirus/CORVID-19, the Board of Commissioners of Liberty County (the “Board”) has determined it necessary to make changes to its normal meeting procedures.  Effective immediately, the Board of Commissioners will only schedule for consideration those items it deems of pressing importance.  As of now, and in an effort to responsibly encourage continued economic development, such items will include, but will not be limited to, rezoning applications.   Additionally, and so long as the public’s business is not materially compromised, specific meetings of the Board may be cancelled or postponed.  Future meetings may also be conducted by teleconference should circumstances warrant the same. 


Only those persons who are authorized to comment on action items (such as rezoning applications) will be permitted to physically attend meetings of the Board.  However, appreciating the vital importance of continued public access to its meetings, the Board will live stream all meetings via its Facebook page.   For those members of the public who are not able to access the Board’s Facebook page, recordings of all meetings will be made available upon request.  Additionally, a synopsis of meeting events will be posted on the County website at within forty-eight (48) hours of each meeting.


For those persons who are authorized to comment on action items before the Board, and who may be medically compromised or exhibit symptoms of respiratory illness or who are otherwise reluctant to attend a meeting of the Board in-person during the current public health emergency, accommodations may be made to allow simultaneous participation by teleconference.  If such remote participation is desired, it is requested that the Board be contacted as soon as possible so t-hat appropriate arrangements may be made.  All such requests should be directed to Debbie Whitehurst at (912) 876-2177 or


All in-person attendance at public meetings will be subject to such conditions as deemed appropriate by the Board to safeguard the public health.  These include, but are not limited to (1) requiring that all attendees observe recommended social distancing protocols (and maintain at least a three-chair distance from other participants); and (2) to the extent available, wear face masks or similar protective gear as needed.  Additionally, the Board has implemented enhanced cleaning protocols prior to each meeting and will have sanitizing wipes or similar personal hygiene items available for use by participants.


The Board continues to explore legal alternatives associated with the conduct of necessary business in order to ensure compliance with recommended CDC and DPH guidelines and may be required to amend procedures further.  Please consult the County website for details.  Should any person have questions about County affairs, please do not hesitate to contact the Board office at 912-876-2164.  Your patience and cooperation during this state of emergency is appreciated.    


Offices not under direction of the Commission

County offices not listed above fall under the guidance of other elected officials or appointed boards. Persons with questions related to one of those offices should contact those divisions directly for information related to their status. 

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