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Liberty County BOE approves BuyBoard Resolution
Liberty BoE 1

The BuyBoard Resolution, which was touched upon but not decided during the Liberty County Board of Education’s July 9 meeting, was approved during a work session held July 23. 

A BuyBoard Resolution is an online purchasing program endorsed by the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) that allows school systems to purchase items at a lower price. Once a member, the school system can make purchases from a list of approved vendors that have gone through competitive bidding. 

Local vendors are able to join the program as well. According to Chief Operations Officer Arnold Jackson, local business vendors will have priority. A local vendor fair was proposed though a date or location was not discussed. However, Jackson did state that there will be finance specialists in attendance at the fair to help local vendors register for BuyBoard. For more information on the BuyBoard Resolution go to

The retirement of one of two SIS (Student Information System) Coordinators have prompted the school board to search for a replacement. The new position will not be for another District SIS Coordinator, but for what the BOE is calling a systems analyst. The systems analyst will, according to the LCSS website, have “prompt and regular attendance.  Report to work in a timely and professional manner” and “Design and implement custom pages/data tables to improve functionality of SIS and data analysis using Oracle SQL, Transact SQL, JavaScript, HMTL and CSS”. The full job description, which was written by Chief Academic Officer Dr. Patti Crane and approved by the BOE, can be found on the official LCSS website. 

The Board of Education approved Aveanna Healthcare for its Licensed Practical Nurse services. Aveanna’s nurse services cost $37.25 an hour and was recommended to the BOE by Executive Director for Division for Exceptional Learning Mindy Yanzetich, due to the company having provided services to Liberty County for two years. The nurse will be charged to watch over an unidentified student who was noted to be “medically fragile.” Medically fragile was the term used for a student who is significantly impaired with multiple medical issues who is in need of one-on-one care. The Aveanna nurse will ride to and from school on the bus with the student and take care of them and provide assistance throughout the school day. Aveanna will take care of background checks for the nurse and will provide another LPN nurse should LCSS receive another medically fragile student. Special Ed funds will pay for Aveanna’s services. 

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