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Liberty County schools hold Georgia Future Educators Signing Day
Future Educators.JPG
From left to right are future educators Jazmine Bryant, Whitney Evans, Jaylyn Matthews, Stephanie McCune, and Brian “Benji” Taylor.

The Liberty County School System hosted its Georgia Future Educators Signing Day on May 7.  This day is held statewide to honor seniors who have taken high school courses in the area of education and have chosen to embark on a career in education.  The local event was held in the Liberty County High School media center with local administrators, teachers, family members, friends, and community members in attendance with the same fanfare as usually given for athletic signings.

Five seniors in the Liberty County School System were recognized. The students, their high school, and colleges where accepted are from left to right: Jazmine Bryant (LCHS) will attend Kennesaw State University; Whitney Evans (Bradwell Institute) will attend the University of West Georgia; Jaylyn Matthews (LCHS) will attend the University of Georgia; Stephanie McCune (LCHS) will attend the College of Southern Maryland; and Brian “Benji” Taylor (LCHS) will attend Georgia Southern University

After words of encouragement from various educational professionals, students were read the following script: “By signing this letter of commitment, you are committing to improve the quality of education for students in the state of Georgia. The State School Superintendent, Richard Woods, your local administrators, community members, and teachers commend you on making an honorable decision to improve the quality of life for Georgia citizens through the educational process. You will be a great asset as we work toward ‘Educating Georgia’s Future.’ On behalf of State School Superintendent Woods, please sign the commitment certificate.”

The statewide endeavor was supported by the Liberty County School System, the State School Superintendents’ Office, the Georgia Department of Education Division of Career & Technical Education (CTAE), Georgia Early Childhood Education Foundation (GECEF), and Georgia’s colleges and universities.


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