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Liberty's schools celebrate NSL week
school lunch - Button Gwinnett Mayor Brown
Hinesville Mayor Allen Brown helps Paula Butler, cafeteria manager at Button Gwinnett Elementary, serve students lunch during National School Lunch Week. - photo by Photo provided.
school lunch - Button Gwinnett HPD Police Chief
Hinesville Police Chief Bill Kirkendall, and Hinesville executive assistant Christy Deloach and City Clerk Sarah Lumpkin man the cafeteria line during National School Lunch Week at Button Gwinnett. - photo by Photo provided.
school lunch - Button Gwinnett with LCPC
LCPC staffers help out at Button Gwinnett’s lunchroom last week, during National School Lunch Week. - photo by Photo provided.

In recognition of the National School Lunch Program and the 30 million children it serves every day, Liberty County schools celebrated National School Lunch Week Oct. 15-19. The theme, “Lots 2

Love,” encourages students and school nutrition professionals across the country to share what they love most about school lunch programs.

National School Lunch Week emphasized the healthy foods that are offered daily at Liberty County schools. Liberty County School Nutrition has implemented healthy food choices not just during special promotions like this, but throughout the year. During this week-long event the School Nutrition Staff provided different activities for students to teach them about healthy choices. Additionally, Liberty County schools invited Hinesville Mayor Allen Brown, Liberty County commissioners, military service members, Liberty County firefighters, Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission staff, the Hinesville Police Department, Liberty County School System administrators and other community volunteers to help serve students lunch.

“School lunches are healthier than ever, with more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and less fat and sodium,” said Stephanie Fox, School Nutrition Director. “National School Lunch Week helps us educate parents and students about all the benefits of our lunch program, and the appealing choices we offer.” Additionally, research indicates that children who participate in school lunch have superior nutritional intakes compared to those who do not participate. Also, healthy eating at school correlates with higher test scores and less absenteeism. Providing healthier food choices in Liberty County is not just done during special promotions like this, but throughout the school year.

The federally-funded National School Lunch Program (NSLP) provides nutritionally balanced, healthy meals to students every day. The program, which has been serving the nation’s children for more than 70 years, requires school meals to meet federal nutrition standards like offering fruits and vegetables every day, serving whole grain-rich foods, and limiting fat, calories, and sodium.

The “Lots 2 Love” campaign is made possible by the nonprofit School Nutrition

Association. Parents and students can follow the fun using the hashtags #NSLW18,

#SchoolLunch, and #Lots2Love. For more information on National School Lunch Week, visit the Liberty County School Nutrition program website and/or

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