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11:30 a.m. update on power outages, local forecast
oytage map
Outage map from Canoochee EMC

Widespread power outages are being reported by the area's three utility companies serving Bryan, Liberty and Long counties.

As of this writing, based on information gathered from their website maps, at least 20,000 residents in those counties are without power.

Canoochee EMC is reporting 10,840 customers are without power. 

Coastal Electric is showing 5,267 customers in Bryan County without power, 4,480 in Liberty, and 65 in Long County.

And of the 261,000 customers Georgia Power says are without power in the state, it appears from a count of outages on their map that Richmond Hill is experiencing about 1,400 residents without power, and North Bryan County about 250.

All three utility companies emphasized that they will not risk the lives of their employees to do repair work while the storm's winds remain at tropical force, which is 39 mph or higher.

Weather forecasters say today's winds will not start to die down until early evening. Wind gusts as high as 56 mph have been reported in Richmond Hill, and 40 mph in Hinesville. 

These outage numbers reported are subject to change. To view the maps, go to the following:

Canoochee EMC -- Click HERE

Coastal Electric  -- Click HERE 

Georgia Power -- Click HERE

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