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Council Oks new bonds, zoning plans
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The Hinesville City Council heard and approved 10 action items during Thursday’s meeting, including a bond-resolution request by Chief Financial Officer Kim Ryon as well as zoning-and-development plan requests by Rachel Hatcher of the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission.
Ryon said the Series 2012A and Series 2012B bonds would be issued to refund the city’s 1996 and 1998 water-and-sewer-revenue bonds and the city’s 2001 and 2006 Georgia Environmental Finance Authority loans. She likened issuing the new bonds to refinancing your home to get a lower mortgage rate.
Hatcher first presented the council with a request by Belen Latag, an agent for Woo Jin Park, the owner of a one-acre tract at 1310 Shaw Road. The council approved the owner’s request to have the property rezoned from L-1 (light industrial district) to C-2 (general commercial district).
Hatcher also presented a request for a general then a specific development plan to add a pool and pool pavilion to the Liberty Park subdivision in Independence Settlement. The specific plan included construction for storm-water drains, landscaping and a bike rack. Both requests were approved.
Assistant City Manager Kenneth Howard presented the Hinesville official zoning map for discussion and adoption. He said the zoning map is updated annually to reflect changes during the previous year. The item was approved, and Mayor Jim Thomas noted he saw no specific changes from last year.
Ryon requested to have four Minolta copiers declared surplus property so the city could remove them from its property books. Ryon noted all four copiers were obsolete, stating that two of them will be replaced at no additional costs to the city, one already was budgeted to be replaced in this year’s budget, and one would not be replaced at all.
Grants writer Michelle Lane presented two resolutions to submit grant applications. The Walmart Local Giving Grant for $2,000 would be used by the Hinesville Fire Department to buy 45 child-safety seats for low-income families. Capt. Andra Hart, public safety coordinator, explained how the seats would be distributed and what the fire department is doing to mitigate possible liability.
“When a low-income family contacts us about needing a child-safety seat, we demonstrate how to properly install it by actually installing it in their vehicle,” said Hart. “Then we take it out and watch the parent install it. That way we’re not liable for installing it wrong.”
A second grant request also was approved for a $15,000 grant through a partnership between the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s tourism division and the Georgia Council for the Arts Tourism Product Development Agreement Program. Lane said the grant would be used to renovate the Old Hinesville Jail.
The renovation project would include restoration of the outside brick wall, front porch and cast-iron gate and fence, plus consulting fees for an interior museum-interpretation program.
“When this project is completed, how will the old jail be used?” Mayor Pro Tem Charles Frasier asked.
Hinesville Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Vicki Davis said the renovated old jail would be used more for tourism as it will become a museum. She noted that the grant funds were part of a total $100,055.41 budgeted for the renovation project.
The council approved a transient-merchant license request by Magic Midway Amusement for a carnival to operate at 1875 E.G. Miles Parkway from Nov. 2-10, and a new alcoholic-beverage license for Anke Hinze and Hinze Enterprises, LLC, the new owner of Zum Rosenhof German Restaurant.
Information items heard included quarterly reports by Howard for alcohol consumption on premises and alcohol and food sales, and notice that the appointment of a Grievance & Appeals Committee member is expiring next month.
There were no public comments, and none of the council members, mayor or assistant city manager had any specific reports.

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