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Long County High performs first musical
longplay 2
Long County students do a dance number during High School Musical, which the school staged over the weekend. - photo by Justin Hall

Long County High School held its first-ever musical production with “High School Musical” Friday and Saturday nights. It was met with tremendous ovation for the best and brightest LCHS students, who sang and danced their hearts out in front of family and friends.

The production was pretty faithful to its source material and many of the students who performed were eager to see their hard work pay off. They were also bursting with pride to be a part of it and to have the entire school see that work.

“It’s pretty crazy,” said Derlie Morales, who played Gabriella, the lead female.

Kari Jones who costarred as Martha Cox expressed her sentiments by simply saying, “It’s so much fun to spend with my friends.”

Morales praised fellow students who auditioned for her coveted role.

“I went up against of a lot of amazing, talented singers,” she said.

Both girls believed that audiences were in for a great surprise.

“There’s a lot of heartfelt, yet hilarious moments,” Jones said.

Also involved was John Parks, who played Troy Bolton, the male protagonist. Parks said he was delighted to be offered the lead, and discussed the dynamics of his character.

“He’s a two-faced person but in a good way,” Parks said. “He’s the jock, but he also has a soft spot for singing.”

Joseph Kisel played coach Bolton, Troy’s dad. He said he hopes working on this production will help define his future.

“Hopefully, I can find my destiny by going through this path,” Kisel said.

Both boys said they took away something special from the ambitious production.

“We’ve worked with so many people and we’ve made such a connection,” Parks said.

Other than the incredible students, kudos go to director Kayla Berrie, orchestrator director Tim Pounds and backstage director Christina Jennings for working numerous hours on the play. They should be proud of this high-spirited musical.

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