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Ludowici keeps 'so help me God' in charter
Council updating city's charter
Mark Chesser
Ludowici Councilman Mark Chesser made the motion to keep the recognition of God in the city's charter. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle

The Ludowici City Council on Sept. 10 reviewed and made a few changes to the proposed city charter at its regularly scheduled meeting.
Attorney Kate Smith told council members that she had highlighted recommended changes and also portions that she felt needed to be removed. One part she said they might want to consider removing was the term “So Help Me God.” According to Smith, the term could create a problem in the future for the council in that it could be challenged legally.
Councilman Mark Chesser said that the charter’s recognition of God needed to remain, and he wanted to make sure that it stayed in the revised document. After a brief discussion, Chesser made a motion to keep the quote. The motion passed unanimously.  
Chesser also said that an error pertaining to the 2016 election was in the draft and needed to be corrected to show that the next election would take place in 2018.  
According to assistant city clerk Tina Skipper, the document is being revised by Smith, with the final draft to be presented before the council. The updating and revising of the charter has been ongoing for several months. In April, state Rep. Jeff Chapman, R-Brunswick, held a public meeting in Ludowici after his office had been contacted about the charter. After several concerns were brought up at the meeting, it was decided that input would be gathered from the public, and then a revised charter would be drafted.
In other business at the Sept. 10 meeting, local businessman Price Chapman voiced concerns about a drainage ditch on McDonald Street. Mayor James Fuller told Chapman that the problem would be resolved as soon as the city reroutes the sewage supply from Way Street to Cypress Street. Chapman also asked if the city could clean up the corner of Thorton and McDonald streets. Fuller said that the city would not incur the cost for any cleanup to the area, but if Chapman wanted to pursue cleaning it up, he could.  
Chapman also asked if a street light could be placed near the sidewalk at Pecan Park and told members that he felt a flag pole and an American flag needed to be placed at city hall.
No action was taken on the requests.

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