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Police blotter: Woman bilked out of $4,000 in 'bill paying referral scheme'

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Fraud: A woman reported Nov. 21 that another woman took out a loan in her name. The victim said the woman contacted her through Instagram and told her she worked for Western Union “and … specialized in cashing people’s checks and paying their bills for them. She said (the woman) told her that if she referred people to her, then she would get paid a percentage of the fee that (the woman) charged her customers.”
To get paid, the woman needed the victim’s bank account number, etc. “(Victim) said she gave (the woman) her account log-in information for Navy Federal Credit Union.”
The victim then said she got an email from a loan officer at Navy Federal saying they were checking her loan. When she logged in to her account, she learned a $3,200 loan had been applied for in her name. She stopped the loan from being processed, but “she noticed an additional loan for $6,500 on her account which had already been processed.”
The woman said she saw that the $6,500 had been deposited into her account, “but she thought the money was deposited as payments received from (the woman) for referring customers. She later discovered that the $6,500 was … the loan that was showing on her account.”
What’s more, the victim said she sent $4,000 to the woman “as a one-time fee for her services.”
The victim said she’d called MPs on Fort Stewart and filed a report because “(the woman) is also an active duty soldier in the Army whom she went to basic training with.”
The woman said she intended to press charges, so she also called HPD to file the report. And, she said she’d already closed her bank account and opened a new one.

Distributing obscene materials: A woman reported Nov. 20 she suspects her estranged husband posted a nude photo of her on Facebook.
The woman said a friend told her of that photo, which “shows (her) face and nude chest area,” and another post that claims the woman has HIV.
The woman told the officer she recently moved here because “this is the only place where (her estranged husband) can’t find her because he doesn’t know the address,” the report said.
The case is under investigation.
Suicidal thoughts: An officer was sent around 2 a.m. Nov. 22 to South Main and Gen. Screven “in reference to a suspicious person walking in the roadway.”
He found a man “who initially would not respond to my presence and was shuffling down the roadway in an extremely slow zombie like manner.”
Eventually, the man noticed the officer, who asked him why he was in the middle of the road. The man replied he was “just out walking but was not sure for how long or how far. (He) stated he just wanted to go home.”
The officer noted the man had trouble talking and “he did not appear to respond to stimuli correctly.”
Another officer showed up and an HPD sergeant was called. At the same time, the reporting officer requested EMS while the other officer went to the man’s home to find a family member but was unsuccessful. Because there were no ambulances available, a Bryan County EMS unit was dispatched.
“While I was waiting … (the man) continued to show signs of medical distress and was becoming hard to communicate with,” the officer noted. “(He) fell to the ground and appeared to be unconscious briefly.”
Then, “medically trained” firefighters from Hinesville Fire Department arrived and began taking care of the man, who “admitted to taking an unknown amount of his PTSD medication.”
A note in the man’s wallet had his brother’s phone number on it and said the man was having suicidal thoughts. In addition, the brother, who lives in North Carolina, said the man, a veteran with PTSD, had tried suicide earlier but had recently seemed to be OK. As police investigated, they learned the man had posted on Facebook he was going to commit suicide. Bryan County EMS showed up and took him to Liberty Regional, where he was treated. Note: According to a post on the man’s Facebook page, he is being treated and was transferred to a VA hospital for care.

Public drunk: There’s drunk, and then there’s this guy, who was found Nov. 13 sleeping on the grass next to CiCi’s Pizza. Police asked him to get his stuff up and go and “he complained he wasn’t doing anything wrong and he did not want to leave the area and he wanted to go back to sleep.”
Despite his being drunk, police wanted to let him go away on his own. “However, he was too intoxicated to leave the area on foot safely. (He) was shouting obscenities and using unbecoming language about having to leave the area.”
Still, police tried to help the guy out. They gave him a ride to a Welborn Street address where “he has spent the night in the past with an unknown person,” the report said.
But, that person wasn’t home, and since police thought the man too drunk to be left on his own, he was arrested as a public drunk and taken to the hospital for medical clearance. There, they said the man was so drunk he had to stay for seven hours before he could be released. He was cited, but no fingerprints were taken “due to (his) intoxication level.”

Suspicious activity: A real estate agent reported Nov. 17 a man she spurned because he was married was trying to ruin her on Facebook. The woman said she’d shown the man a home more than once and eventually added him on Facebook. “(He) then started to text and call … and state he had feelings for her…” the report said, noting she declined his invitation to fly her out to his home because he was married.
“And when she declined, (he) became upset and posted a review of (the woman) on her Facebook page…” claiming she was trying to destroy his marriage. The woman responded by posting screen shots of their conversations on the social media site, which prompted him to threaten her.
Police tried to contact the man, but had no luck. The woman was told to tell the man not to contact her and block him on social media.

Theft: Only in Hinesville. An officer was sent to a Mandarin Drive address around 9 a.m. Nov. 20 “reference theft of a Christmas lawn light projector.”
The victim said the projector, which shows Christmas images on the outside wall of a home, was plugged in and staked in the ground in the front lawn along with three others. Only one was stolen. The man had last seen the stolen projector the night before. It is blue with red and green stripes, but he didn’t have a serial number.
The man was given a case number.

Harassing communications: A woman reported Nov. 20 her daughter was being harassed by a woman because the girl was communicating with an old school friend. The woman said the woman started by calling her daughter, then began contacting her on social media, then came to the girl’s job at a restaurant “while she was not there, asking for her.” The woman said that frightened her daughter, and she quit her job. The woman then “proceeded to call and harass other members of (the family) and also did so via social media,” the report said.
The mother said the woman is posting videos of guns “and on the videos she states ‘she gonna shoot up some stuff.’” The mother told the officer she is worried about the neighbors, whose home was posted on social media by the woman.
While the mother was talking to the officer, the woman called “via video message without any provocation. She was unaware I was standing next to (the mother) during the call. She began to argue but when she saw me in the camera her demeanor changed. I asked (the woman) about the incident and she advised me (the daughter) was the one who started the whole incident when she made a move on her husband. I then asked about the threats and the guns that were sent via social media. She advised she was just posting videos of her guns with no implied threats.”
The officer told everybody to stay away from one another.

Simple battery: A woman went to HPD on Nov. 15 to report “that she was riding in a vehicle with a woman that goes by the name ‘Dinky’ (heavy set, black female with wig) and when they arrived at (HPD) they started to argue. (Complainant) was then pushed out of the vehicle by Dinky (unknown if vehicle was moving). (Complainant) stated that she had $30 in cash in her hand while riding in the vehicle, and when she was pushed out, she dropped the money in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Dinky then drove off with the money in the vehicle.” The woman didn’t have any visible injuries and declined a checkup by EMS. The woman was given a case number and told how to get a copy of the report, and update it if necessary.

Shoplifting: An officer was sent Nov. 16 to Walmart where he met up with a “loss prevention” officer who said he spotted a man in the girls clothing section “putting a pack of bras inside his Walmart shopping bag,” the report said. The man was confronted at the front door and taken to the loss prevention office “where he found seven additional packages of underwear in addition to the bras …” The bras and underwear cost $83.08 and the Walmart loss prevention specialist said he will prosecute. The man was arrested, cited and given a court date.

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