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Roads, repairs dominate Long Co. meeting
Long commish 0407
Brent Klinedinest goes before the Long County Commission on April 7 to request assistance with a grant to replace the air-conditioning unit at the Long County Library. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle

Roads dominated much of the Long County Commission meeting on April 7.
Commissioner Clifton DeLoach told fellow commissioners that he felt the county should assume care of several roads in the Smiley Estates subdivision, which contains more than 90 houses. He said county code-enforcement officer John Bradley and road supervisor Wilfred Morris said the roads were in good shape. However, he said that ditches need repairs.
Commissioner Willie Thompson said the county does not have the equipment to repair the ditches, and that if the area isn’t up to standard, county residents will have to pay for them. Commissioner Robert Long said the board should stick with an established priority list. Chairman Dwight Gordon said the county is in the process of getting estimates for an excavator, so when that purchase is made, the county will have the equipment to clean out the ditches. He said he will have Bradley write up exactly what is needed for repairs in the subdivision. Then the commission can decide whether it wants the county to assume care of it.
DeLoach also alleged that portions of Baggs Cemetery Road were damaged by contractors during the construction of the new high school and feels that the contractors should be responsible for repairs. Gordon said that he will talk with the school-system superintendent about what can be done.
Commissioners also voted to change the time of the May 5 meeting to 10 a.m. Gordon said the time was changed so as to not interfere with the Law Day ceremony that day. Law Day is being sponsored by Long County Sheriff Craig Nobles, Superior Court Clerk Sherry Long and State Court Judge Jeffrey Arnold.
Also during the meeting, Brent Klinedinest requested approval to seek a grant to replace the air-conditioning system at the county’s public library. Klinedinest said the total cost to replace the unit is $4,600; the grant amount is $2,300 with the county putting up the rest. After a brief discussion, commissioners approved the request.
Walt Pelton told commissioners that the second annual Diabetes Awareness Day will be held Nov. 14 at the recreation complex. He said he is looking for volunteers to assist with the day and provide new ideas. He said that, as of now, committee members are himself, Mary Pelton, Lila Bell, Barbara Parker, Brandy Dunham, Debbi Wells, Gloria Holland and Billy Strickland. Anyone wanting to help with the event can call 912-572-4989.  
“Hopefully, we can make it even bigger and better than last year’s event,” Pelton said.
Research, Conservation and Development Council member Roger Houston informed commissioners that they need to appoint a replacement for Cecil Stafford, who is stepping down from the council.  Houston said the replacement should have an interest in agriculture and the environment.
Gordon told Houston that normally, commissioners choose from a list of recommended names. After a brief discussion, Houston said that he will get with members of the commission to see if they could find some possible replacements.

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