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Secretary of state flags upcoming elections
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Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp poses with Liberty County Elections Supervisor Ella Golden on Wednesday at the board of elections and voter registration office on Memorial Drive.

Liberty and Long counties received a surprise visit Tuesday from Georgia Secretary of State Brian P. Kemp, whose stop highlights just how quickly the Nov. 6 election is approaching.
“I have been just traveling around to the counties whenever I’m out on the road, and, gosh, I’ve probably been to 100 of them …,” Kemp said about the visit. “It’s just a good way for us to learn and not get stuck underneath the gold dome and not understand what’s happening in the real world.”
Kemp’s stops included the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, the justice center and the elections office on West Memorial Drive.
Elections office visits allow Kemp to ensure things are running according to protocol and give local elections workers a chance to offer their thoughts and feedback.
“I have a philosophy: Instead of a top-down mentality, we’re all in this together on elections …,” Kemp said. “We can learn things from that, things that some counties may be doing, we can make suggestions to others.”
The timing of Kemp’s visit also coincides with government efforts to inform voters and ensure they are prepared for the upcoming general election.
In addition to reminding the public that those who wish to vote in the Nov. 6 election must be registered on or before Oct. 9, Kemp said his office is promoting its “My Voter Page” on the Secretary of State website,
“If you are registered to vote, you put in your individual information, your first initial, last name, date of birth and the county where you live, it will pull up your individualized sample ballot, and you can request absentee ballots,” he said.
The page also features early voting locations and times as well as a tracker for those who have requested absentee ballots.
Liberty County Elections Supervisor Ella Golden said she was “elated and tickled pink” to have Kemp visit.  Both encouraged voters to take advantage of early voting, which eases the process for the elections department.
“If anybody votes early, that’s one less person that counties have to worry about on election day showing up to the polls,” Kemp added.
The secretary also visited the chamber to get a glimpse at local business projects and issues because his office handles corporate registrations, professional licenses and securities regulation.

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