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Sound off for Nov. 25
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I am so sick and tired of listening to the gunshots in the Eagles Landing/Deann Drive area. I pray to God they’re not shooting at people, but if you made it through elementary school, you were taught what goes up must come down. These bullets do not go into outer space, people. Put the guns away.

Thank you to Midway IGA for a sales paper and seeing prices that we can shop here in Midway. Your prices are very good — keep them down for us in Midway so we don’t have to go to Hinesville with the gas situation what it is.

For the person wanting to know why the tax commissioner and sheriff were not on their ballots: Elections for those officers will be on next year’s ballots. Maybe you should do some research before you vote or call in to an anonymous forum.
This is about the school here in Liberty County: All of the teachers need to stop asking parents for pajama parties, rock star parties. We’re not rich enough to buy the kids the stuff to wear to school every day. They have uniforms. That’s what they need to wear to school.

Why is it hard for single ladies to find a single man? True, you can go to church, but if you know a man is married, why would you even stoop to that level? Be mindful of what goes around comes around.

This is for the person who wondered why he couldn’t vote for sheriff and tax commissioner in Ludowici: It’s not time, and what really scares me is to let somebody no smarter than you are even have the right to vote.

I can’t speak for everybody else, but I can speak for myself: It was deeply appreciated, the food that we received yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you, United Way.

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