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Trump, Clinton win primaries here
midway poll wokrers
Liberty County Community Complex in Midway poll officers Annie Ash, Annette Fernandez and Poll Manager Doris Barrett take a moment to pose for a photo while citizens vote in the presidential primary. - photo by Photo by Tiffany King

Liberty County voters came out to the polls early on Super Tuesday.

Poll manager Doris Barrett at the Liberty County Community Complex in Midway said it seemed like people were coming in one per minute in the first hour after the polls opened at 7 a.m.

When final votes were counted Tuesday statewide, Georgia voters went with Donald Trump on the Republican side and Hilary Clinton on the Democratic side.

Among GOP candidates, Trump had 38.8 percent of the votes, Marco Rubio was second with 24.4 percent, and Ted Cruz was third with 23.6 percent. Clinton had 71.3 percent of the Democratic vote, and Bernie Sanders finished with 28.2 percent.

Midway resident James Waters said that the issues most important to him are the economy, national security and securing the nation’s borders.

“I voted for Trump. I like all the Republican candidates, but he seemed to be the stronger of all of them,” Waters said. When asked what makes Trump seem strong, Waters answered, “He’s Donald Trump.”

Waters votes often and thinks it is a right everyone should exercise.

Resident Lisa Crews said she is not thrilled with any of the presidential candidates, but she understands why some people are voting for Trump. She said it is because he is not a politician, and people are tired of politicians’ promises and lies to get into office.

Health care is one of the most important issues for Crews because she works in that field. Crews talked about elderly patients who often have to choose between buying their medication or paying their electric bill because of problems with insurance. She is also concerned with government spending and retirement benefits.

Crews said she thinks it is important for all people to have a voice in government and vote.

“People have given up lots of things for us to have this right to vote, and it’s the only say-so we have in government,” Crews said. “Take the opportunity to voice your opinions.”

In Liberty County, Trump came out on top on the Republican side with 45.9 percent of the votes, Cruz was second with 22.2 percent, and Rubio finished third with 19.4 percent. On the Democratic side, Clinton drew 79.7 percent of the votes, and Sanders garnered 19.4 percent.

Trump also dominated in Long County, drawing 55.3 percent of Republican votes. Cruz was second with 21.8 percent, and Rubio was third with 12.4 percent. On the Democratic side, Clinton won Long County with 68.5 percent of the vote, and Sanders drew 29.1 percent.

The primary drew 6,402 Liberty County voters, or about 31.2 percent of all registered voters. In Long County, 1,527 ballots were cast, meaning turnout was 29.5 percent. Both counties’ turnout was much lower than the statewide average, 43.7 percent.

Also of note, a vast majority of the Long County ballots cast — 1,145, or 75 percent — were on the Republican side. In Liberty County, the majority of ballots — 3,495, or 54.6 percent — were cast on the Democratic side.

Statewide, about 63 percent of all ballots cast were in the Republican race.

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