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UPDATE: Man arrested in dog cruelty case
Allen Golden turned himself in to LPD
ludowici police

A man accused of animal cruelty turned himself in this afternoon to the Ludowici Police Department. Allen Golden of Hinesville had a warrant issued against him after one of his dogs, Liam was found abused and neglected by animal rescue groups in Ludowici.

Ludowici Police Chief Frank McClellan began investigating the claims of animal cruelty after a Facebook post went viral on Jan. 6

A New-York-based animal welfare group, Guardians of Rescue, said in a press release that they rescued a dog named Liam from a Ludowici residence. The release said they were made aware of Liam’s plight by animal advocates in Long County.

McClellan got the veterinary report and got in touch with the District Attorney’s Office. He said the misdemeanor charges were elevated to felony charges because the dog’s tail had to be removed and also due to significant damage to the dog’s eyesight.

Police say Golden was already free on bond from unrelated charges in Liberty County.

More on this story to follow.

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