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Long County deputies hone driving skills
MR DriverTraining
Driver’s training: LCSD Deputy Codie Futch drives a simulator to enhance his skills. - photo by Mike Riddle / Coastal Courier

Deputies drive

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The Long County Sheriff’s Department recently went through Decision Based Driver’s Training to help hone their skills on the road.
Public Safety Driving Instructor Kevin Weigand brought a driving simulator to the sheriff’s department this past week, and LCSD deputies underwent training that tested their ability to make split second decisions in various driving situations.
The deputies first went through a classroom session that covered emergency response driving, vehicle handling characteristics, physical driving conditions and different driving techniques to use in emergency response situations.
After the classroom training, each deputy went through the hands-on portion of the class, driving a simulator.
One driver would observe, as the other sat in the “driver’s seat” going through several different emergency scenarios. Weigand chose from 80 different options, giving each deputy obstacles throughout the test.
When a deputy would make a mistake, Weigand could replay the video, showing where the mistake was made and techniques to avoid repeating it.
The training is sponsored by Local Government Risk Management Services and organized by the Association County Commissioners of Georgia. It is financially supported by these organizations to help departments deal with the unique and high-risk driving situations they encounter on a regular basis.
Deputy Mark Hall set up the training and said, “This training is a tool which helps law enforcement officers enhance their driving skills, and we really appreciate Kevin bringing it to us.”
Hall said, he hoped he could get the simulator again in the future, and offer the training to other agencies that wish to attend with the LCSD.
The deputies who participating in the training were Robert Berry, Shane Middleton, Cecil Gordon, Marcus Findley, Tom Sollosi, Julius Bargeron, Codie Futch and Hall.
Sheriff Cecil Nobles said, “Bringing classes like this to the sheriff’s department is very cost effective, and it saves the county money. We recently had a terrorism class here too, and several other law enforcement officers attended it. We plan on offering more training in the future, and any agency who wants to attend is more than welcome.”
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