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Long County gets look at flood map
About 30 people attended one of the two meetings at the Ludowici City Hall Feb. 7 to gather information on the county's proposed flood map. - photo by Mike Riddle / Coastal Courier
LUDOWICI - The Long County Code Enforcement Office recently organized an open house meeting at the Ludowici City Hall regarding a Long/Ludowici flood insurance study and a proposed digital flood insurance rate map for the area.
The meeting drew people ranging from local politicians and government employees to interested businesspeople and concerned citizens.
The study, which was completed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, covered both the city and the county.  It included a narrative of local flooding, elevations profiles and applicable charts.
According to DNR State Coordinator Collis Brown, "This information can be used by local permit officials to help them in developing the floodplain for this area."
It also was put out to the group that, the information could be used by members of the community to determine whether they were in a designated high-, medium- or low-risk flood zone.
According to Brown, every county in the state is having these studies updated, "We are about a third of the way finished," he said. "We have completed 20 counties, and are currently working on 53."
Long County Commissioner Mike McGowan asked what the criteria was for adding or deleting a flood zone in Long County?
Floodplain Hazard Manager Chris Budd replied, "There was a lot information gathered, but a new hydrology study was completed, which determined how much water would drain in an area, and exactly where it would go. From this FEMA determined the probability of the different areas."
Ludowici City Alderman Gwendolyn Davis said, "I found the information given out quite interesting, and think that it will be very beneficial for the new (Long/Ludowici) planning and zoning board".
If anyone in either the city of Ludowici or Long County is interested in seeing the flood map, it is available at the Long County Code Enforcement Office in the courthouse.
For more information on the Georgia Flood Map Modernization Program, go to the state website at
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