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Long County High School graduates class of 232 for 2023
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Another year, another graduation. On Saturday, May 20, 232 class of 2023 graduates at Long County High School walked across the stage at Veterans’ Stadium.

Class President Delaila Marquez invited her classmates to reflect on their careers throughout high school, which included their first three years being out of the norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I advise you to visualize every moment that allowed you to sit where you are today,” Marquez said. “...To everyone who has taken the steps towards growing as an individual, who has exceeded beyond what they thought they were capable of and who are aspiring to continue forward with their efforts, I want you to reflect on every decision, every mistake and more importantly recognize every person who supported you along the way.”

Salutatorian Lane Edwards and Valedictorian Azaniah Blackmon addressed the crowd, both referencing Proverbs as they urged their classmates to continue chasing their dreams. Edwards also reflected on not having to hear assistant principal Michael Taylor celebrate a Tennessee win over the Georgia Bulldogs and reminded him that they “haven’t beaten Georgia in six years.”

The class members, which included a school-high 88 honor graduates, then made their way across the stage to receive their diplomas.

Finally, they were graced with a farewell from Class Vice President Kate Mayeaux. She reflected on many memories and focused on how the 2022-23 school year was her and many others’ first real year of high school.

“Graduation is a time to think back on the special moments and memories created over the last few years,” Mayeaux said. “So many things have happened, such as Jada losing her teeth in an eighth grade basketball game, the lively student sections as basketball games our freshman year, the pep rallies where CJ and Tay just do backflip after backflip.

“This year has been bittersweet because, for me, this is my first full year of high school. Freshman year, we were sent home for two weeks and nothing has been the same until this year. This was the best full year of high school a senior could have asked for.”

The graduates moved on to celebrate with their family and friends after being declared graduates by Superintendent David Edwards.


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