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Long County preparing for elections
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The upcoming Long County General Primary is just around the corner, and the qualifying dates for the Partisan positions will be from April 28 through May 2.
"The candidates will have until 12 noon on the 2nd to pay their qualifying fee, and then I will post the people running for each office at the courthouse at 1," Long County Elections Superintendent Marie Middleton said.
According to Middleton, the general primary will be held on July 15, but people in the county can vote early if they desire to.
"Advanced voting will be between July 7 and the 11, and if they want to, they can vote up to 45 days prior to the election, through absentee ballots," Middleton said.
"There is no reason for people not to get out and vote when they can start as early as June 2, and can vote around their schedule and at their convenience", said the Superintendent.
The positions which will be on the ballot are the coroner, tax commissioner, superior court clerk, sheriff and the five county commissioners.
The qualifying fees are $1,229.03 for court clerk and tax commissioner, $1,407.53 for sheriff, $72 for commissioner and $36 for coroner.
For more information, call the Long County Probate Court Office at 545-2131.
Here is a list of the incumbents and whether they've said they are seeking re-election:
Sheriff Cecil Nobles, yes
Tax Commissioner Lillian Simmons, no
Superior Court Clerk Frank Middleton, yes
Coroner Emmett Patterson, yes
1st District Co. Comm. Charles Reddish Sr., no
2nd District Co. Comm. Mike McGowan, no
3rd District Co. Comm. Randy Wilson, no
4th District Co. Comm. Clifton DeLoach, yes
5th District Co. Comm. Tony Fowler, yes
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