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Long County targets drives without culverts
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The Long County Commission finalized several business items at its most recent meeting, including an amendment to the current ordinance on culverts.
In a unanimous vote, commissioners agreed to change the ordinance, stating that no relocation permit will be issued to any person requesting to move a mobile home until that person complies with all other areas of the ordinance regarding culverts. The measure was changed to prevent the relocation of mobile homes to sites with non-compliant culverts, which could lead to drainage problems.
According to a report given by Commissioner Wallace Shaw, new home sales in Long County are slumping. Shaw’s data from the Code Enforcement Office showed that through January and February, no new homes were sold in the county. The same report revealed there are 82 open building permits and 11 open relocation permits. However, the commissioner said the office did conduct 10 final building permit inspections, eight final inspections to mobile homes and 72 mobile home park inspections in the city and county.
Regarding the county’s establishment of an animal control department, Commission Chairman Bobby Walker said commissioners agreed to hold off on building a proposed facility, but did agree to establish positions and training for staffing.
When it came to financial matters, the commission continued to draw fire; this time it was from resident Janice Goode.
Goode questioned the previous budget, which she said showed that all months were in the negative except for April. She asked if this year’s budget is going to bring “more of the same.” Goode also said she doesn’t think the county’s current policy of paying 100 percent of full-time employees’ medical insurance plan premiums is right.
Walker said county employees’ pay is substantially lower than in surrounding counties. So, “benefits (are) the driving force for our employees,” he said.
He and Shaw said the previous year’s budget shortage wasn’t anyone’s fault — it was simply “a mistake.” Walker said this year’s budget only had an increase of $228,000, even though the county saw a $265,000 insurance increase.
Long County Recreation Department Director Michelle Crowley told the commission two new baseball fields have been completed and will be used during the upcoming season.
In other county business, commissioners:
• Appointed Art Carter to the Long County Library Board
• Appointed William Miller to the Long County Planning and Zoning Board
• Approved the partial plan update to be submitted the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

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