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Ludowici council hears from residents
0425 City Council Meeting
The Ludowici City Council heard several complaints from community members during a recent meeting. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
At a recent Ludowici City Council meeting, several members of the community voiced their disapproval of the council’s methods of doing business.
Resident Ken Ball complained about a hole on Mill Pond Road. In his opinion, Ball said, it hasn’t been properly repaired. According to Ball, city workers fixed the hole by filling it with dirt, which he said is unacceptable.
After Ball finished speaking, Ludowici Councilman Frank McClelland Jr. told the resident his tone and attitude aren’t going to help his road get repaired. McClelland also said the hole was filled with dirt as a “temporary fix” until the city has the resources to repair it correctly.
Ball apologized to the council for his unintentionally harsh tone. Ludowici Mayor Myrtice Warren said the hole will be repaired before the May city council meeting.
Next, Barbara Griffis told the council about a sewage problem on her property. She owns two mobile home lots in the city that were connected to city sewage. Griffis said recently, two units were moved from the lots and replaced by two more. After the mobile homes were placed, she said, sewage problems began to occur. The lot owner said the city’s main sewage line was replaced but her two lots were not reconnected to the new line.
As a result of this, the woman said she paid a plumber $445 to trouble-shoot the problem. She wants the city to reimburse her.
According to City Road Superintendent James Fuller Sr., the lots were not reconnected because that particular section of line had been abandoned and the company that replaced the line did not know about the private sewer lines.
The council voted unanimously to pay half of Griffis’ bill, claiming both sides were partially at fault. Griffis said she was satisfied with the 50 percent arrangement.
Janice Goode then questioned the council on several issues. She claimed the council adheres to the “good old boy” system and demanded to know why no election had been held in the city in 12 years.
Goode told the council that as elected officials, it is their privilege to serve the community, and as a result of that, they need to be better than they had been in the past.
Warren told Goode there hasn’t been an election in 12 years because nobody has tried to run against the incumbents, so no election has been necessary. The mayor also said an unnecessary election would cost the city money and waste taxpayer dollars.
Goode responded, “You may not have had an election in 12 years, but you will next time.”
Finally, resident Price Chapman told the council about a piece of property in Ludowici city limits that he described as “a dirty fire hazard.”
After a discussion, council members said the owner of the property in question had been contacted in the past and had partially cleaned it up.
The council decided to contact the owner one last time and require him to clean the property up to standards. If he fails to do so, he will be cited and further legal action will be taken.
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