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Ludowici passes new ordinances to take effect Aug. 1
Ludowici new ordinances
Ludowici Police Chief Richard Robertson address the City Council about the new Motorized Cart Ordinance. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle

The Ludowici City Council passed several ordinances at its July 8 meeting, including one regarding the recently publicized issue of motorized carts being driving inside city limits.
The ordinance makes it legal for people to drive vehicles such as golf carts around the city as long as the vehicle is insured, the driver possesses a valid driver’s license, the vehicle has been inspected for safety and a yearly $50 registration fee has been paid.
According to Ludowici Police Department Chief Richard Robertson, several people in the community recently have asked about the issue.
The ordinance will go into effect Aug. 1.
The council also adopted the “Pants Below the Waist” ordinance, which is designed to prevent people from wearing pants and shorts too low, and showing under garments or too much skin.  
Any person wearing clothing too low can be cited by the city police department. This ordinance also will take effect Aug. 1.

The Council also passed a Wellhead Protection ordinance to insure safe and sanitary drinking water for the city. It will establish wellhead protection zones surrounding all wells and springs that supply water to the city.
The ordinance will regulate the minimum distance of septic tanks, storm water infiltration basins, hazardous waste disposal sites, sanitary sewer lines and how far they must be placed from wellheads.
This also takes effect Aug. 1.
In other action, the council raised certain fines to help cover the cost of meals at the jail.
According to Robertson, with the higher cost of gas, several municipalities had begun adding a surcharge to fines from traffic citations to help offset such expenses; he recommended Ludowici do the same.
The council agreed and voted to add a $12 fuel cost surcharge.
In addition, the council raised the cost of meals at the jail from $5 to $6 per meal.
Both increases will take effect Aug. 1.

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