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Making stops, spreading cheer
Turkey stops
Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes and B-Shift Patrol Team deputies Dennis Abbgy, Kevin Hofkin, Kevin Schmidt, Grant Porter, Brian Barnes and Corey Nadeau drove around the community last Thursday making random traffic stops and awarding folks with turkeys for obeying traffic laws.

It’s never a good thing to see blinking blue lights in your rear view mirror. Unless of course it’s the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office turkey giveaway patrol specialists.

Deputy Kevin Hofkin said the B-Shift Patrol Team wanted to give back to the community so they decided to make random traffic stops and hand out free turkeys.

“And just tell them, thank you on behalf of the Sheriff’s Department,” he said. “And we thanked them for being a part of the Liberty County community and for obeying the traffic laws.”

Hofkin said deputies made 30 random traffic stops. “And everybody got a nice Butterball turkey,” he said.

Hofkin said all the deputies pitched in to buy the turkeys and that Sheriff Steve Sikes was pleased that his deputies were coming together to serve the community.

He said the folks at Walmart, Food Lion and Pace Heating and Air assisted the deputies in the project.

Deputy Grant Porter said the residents of Liberty County have often shown support to law enforcement officers. He said after several officers were killed in two separate incidents, one in Dallas and one in Baton Rouge, La., in 2016 residents and local faith-based leaders showed their support.

“They came together and they held a huge service for law enforcement officers at Connection Church on Patriots Way,” Porter said. He said people also rallied around the officers at the LCSO as they helped celebrate the birthday of a 98-year old veteran.

“And then there is our new canine deputy Charlie,” Porter said. “We were able to get him all due to the community contributing donations.”

Officer Barnes pulled over Molly Cottrell and after explaining that she was being stopped for obeying the law he handed her a thank you card instead of a citation. He then presented her with a turkey.

“I was being pulled over and I didn’t know why,” she said a bit nervous at first. “That was so sweet.”

Joseph Simmons thought he was about to have a bad day when Barnes pulled him over.

“Hey this is a good day,” he said when he realized what was happening. “I didn’t get no ticket. You stopped me because I was doing something right and you give me a turkey and going to make me fat. 

Simmons said it felt good to be appreciated for obeying the law and shook Officer Barnes’ hand prior to leaving the scene.

Heather Sugg already had her license and registration in hand as Barnes approached her door. When Barnes handed her the turkey Sugg nearly burst into tears.

“Honestly you just don’t know how much of a blessing this is,” she said. “I am actually quite grateful right now because we’ve been struggling. Holidays may things seem a little harder but this is one less thing I will have to worry about.”

Sikes said his department will be offering more Thanksgiving meals. 

Watch video of the turkey giveaway traffic stops at:

VIDEO: Sheriff's Office hands out Thanksgiving turkeys

By: Lewis Levine

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