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Manna House Good Friday giveaway serves over 250 families
manna house
Hinesville Fire Department recruits lend a helping hand at Manna House on Good Friday. Photo provided

The Liberty County Manna House served more than 250 families, including elderly, active duty, retired veterans, and children, on April 8.

Scores of volunteers were ready to serve as vehicles started lining up at the corner of Gause Street and Memorial Drive early Friday morning waiting for food boxes in advance of the Easter weekend and spring break.

The drive through giveaway was on a first-comefirst- served basis, and many expressed gratitude as volunteers loaded their cars with needed food— with the added convenience of opening and closing their trunks.

“I’ve been a volunteer for eight months,” Trudi Daniel said. “This is the place of glory. We have a prayer chapel, clothing, free food. Heaven brought it here.”

Daniel said she’s 73 years old and age is all in your head, as she moved about helping people load boxes and giving rides to those in need.

“The good thing about having the community volunteers here is that they see the need, and they see how we’re doing our best to meet the need, and then they become advocates for our program. Everybody has to eat. That’s a basic human need,” said Manna House Executive Director Katrina Deason.

“It’s a wonderful thing to have the Hinesville Fire Department recruits, the realtors, and the Youth Challenge Academy here today; they have seen the work and so now they will give the testimony,” she said.

Alex Mason, Hinesville Fire Department training chief and public information officer, said one of the recruit class instructors, Capt. Justin Zieman, actually requested permission or the class to volunteer at the Manna House.

“I said absolutely, because the fire service, in general fire departments, we have a strong service- over-self-mentality, because that’s what we are, we’re servants. What better way to show that than to come out, sweat, labor, and give to those who need it,” he said.

The Liberty County Manna House was established in 1992. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Manna House remained open to help local families in need.

The Manna House serves approximately 2,500 people monthly and is open daily for food distribution and evening hot meals.

For information visit www.libertycountymannahouse. org or call (912) 368-3660.

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