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Meet Jason Floyd, District 2 councilman for Hinesville
Jason Floyd

Editor’s note: The Courier sent each candidate in every municipal race a questionnaire. We’re running the responses as we get them. 

What issues are most important to you and why? 

I am devoted to our youth and providing them with opportunities to grow and learn in Hinesville. I was a leader in helping to develop the first Hinesville Youth Council.  This Council has young people from all three high schools and our home school community.  This diverse group of young people will learn to work together and bring ideas back to the City Council and hopefully we can take action on them.  I would also like the Hinesville Development Authority to continue to pursue an avenue for a public private partnership to get a family entertainment center to our area.  I am passionate about providing opportunities to foster and grow small business in Hinesville.  We are currently in the planning process for building a Small Business Incubator to be operated by GSU.  This will give new businesses the guidance and facilities, when first starting, that many times can be the difference between success and failure.  The Hinesville Downtown Development Authority is also looking at a revolving loan fund.  This fund can help small businesses with start up financing and renovation expenses unique to our downtown area.  I also believe we need to continue to foster our relationship with Ft. Stewart.  We are a military community and anything we can do to strengthen our relationship with the base is a positive.  We have discussed ways the city can extend services on to the base and continue to offer value and be a good neighbor.

What makes you the best candidate to serve city council/ as mayor? 

 I believe my experience and understanding of the issues makes me the best candidate for City Council. My time on the Council has taught me the most effective ways to accomplish goals and build consensus. Hinesville is my home, and I want to see it continue to move forward. 

Why run for office now? What needs to be accomplished by city officials that is not being done?

 I would like to continue to serve as a City Council member, so I can persist in trying to lower the tax rate while maintaining a high level of service. I am proud that the millage rate for the city has gone down every year for the past four years.  I enjoy serving my community and if re-elected look forward to continue being the voice of the 2nd district.

How long have you been a resident of the city?

 45 years.  I was born in Hinesville at Liberty Regional and lived here all of my life. I have witnessed many changes over the years, and am proud to be able to serve the community I love.

Provide your age, professional/educational background and public service/volunteerism:

 I am 45 years old and I graduated high school from Bradwell Institute, received my Bachelors of Business Administration and Finance from Georgia Southern University, and received a Graduate Banking degree from the University of Wisconsin.  I worked over 20 years in various leadership roles at The Heritage Bank and retired this year.  I am currently training with Northwestern Mutual to be an Insurance agent and Financial Consultant.  I am an active member at Hinesville First United Methodists Church, a member of the 200 club, and a member of Association of the United States Army. I’ve served as Chairman of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, campaign chair and board member of the Liberty County United Way, a Rotary club member, founding member of the Kiwanis club, and a school board member at First Presbyterian Christian Academy.

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