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Midway chief quits on short notice
Jerry Ramos
Midway has one police officer — again. But things aren’t quite working out as planned.
The one remaining officer is Kelli Morningstar, a part-time law enforcer hired by Chief Jerry Ramos shortly before he resigned at short notice last week.
“He resigned with four-days notice and he’s gone. He found a better job,” Midway Mayor Don Emmons said.
Efforts to reach Ramos by telephone and email were unsuccessful.
Ramos came to Midway as chief of its one-man police department early this year; he previously worked at a public safety job in Florida.
In a closed meeting, the council gave Ramos authority to hire two part-time officers.
Morningstar was hired, but the second slot remains vacant and Emmons said the city would now focus on finding a new chief before filling the second part-time slot.
Emmons said Morningstar will continue working her regular shifts, and Midway will depend on the county for any other needed law enforcement services.
Ramos’ resignation, though it seemed sudden, was less dramatic than his departure from his job as police chief in Grantville in Coweta County in 2005.
According to reports published at the time, Ramos and his wife, the city librarian, picked up their paychecks on a Wednesday and were seen leaving town at 6 a.m. the following day. Ramos was said to have left behind only a letter of resignation with no forwarding address.
While chief in Midway, Ramos had said he had turned in a resignation to Grantville city officials during a continuing dispute over pay and working conditions for his officers. When it became obvious Grantville officials would not compromise, he left.
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