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Midway tweaks plans for new city hall
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Two issues related to Midway’s new city hall and multi-use building came before the city council Monday. A change in the parking lot will cost up to $9,000 more than planned.

Abe Nadji, a Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission engineer, told the council that the gravel rear parking area proposed for the project should be paved. He said regulations call for all parking for commercial facilities to be paved.

Estimated cost for paving over gravel would be $8,000-$9,000, he said.

Midway Mayor Pro Tempore Dr. Clemontine Washington said, “It will be paved. We have to follow our own ordinances.”

Nadji also said some other matters needed to be worked out, including angled parking. He said angled parking was not permitted, but a minor design change could correct this.

Several water and sewer issues were also resolved Monday, including spending $17,500 for a new water meter reading system. The system will support remote meter reading. Utilities Supervisor Ursula Lee said laptop computers were included as well as training for employees. Annual maintenance will cost $2,100.

Midway plans to buy a generator for the lone well that supplies city water to keep it in service during power failures. Mayor Levern Clancy said he was waiting for additional bids on the generator purchase and would present them later.

Lee presented a bid of $6,000 for fencing around the city’s elevated water tank. The low bid was from American Fencing Co. She said state regulations required the fence.

Trouble was reported with a meter measuring the water that Midway sells to the Liberty County Development Authority. Midway and LCDA share water and water treatment services at the LCDA parks in and near Midway. The sharing has been the subject of disagreement and confusion over the years.

Midway’s engineer had recommended a new meter that would cost about $70,000. Clancy said he would use an upcoming Georgia Municipal Association meeting to get more information about possible alternatives for correcting the problem.

The council accepted a proposal from EOM Operations to mow grass and clear brush in two phases at a cost of $36,000. The project is to clean ditches and other drainage areas.

Phase 1 will focus on places set as priority, including Hunter Ridge, Arlen Oaks and Edgewater Avenue.

The EOM proposal was accepted by a 3-1 vote. Councilwoman Melice Gerace, who is in charge of Midway street and drainage matters, said she was concerned that by the time phase 2 was under way grass, weeds and brush dealt with in phase 1 would have already grown up again. She voted no.

Clancy reiterated Midway’s need for a list of senior citizens and others who need assistance in the event of an evacuation.

“Please get in touch with city hall,” the mayor said.

If there is an evacuation, Clancy said Midway will take residents needing help to Liberty County’s staging area in Hinesville. County personnel will handle evacuation from there to safe areas.

The council approved two actions recommended by the LCPA: a new sign for Compassion Church and a Sept. 15 solicitation by the American Legion. Washington voted no on the church sign.

Clancy announced that the dedication of the Riceboro-Midway Live Oak library branch will be June 30 at noon.


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