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Fort Stewart gets new garrison commander
Buchs heads to Fort Hood
Buchs speaks
Col. Todd Buchs speaks during his farewell Friday. - photo by Photo by Frenchi Jones
Well-wishers packed Fort Stewart’s Marne Garden on Friday, filling the bleachers to capacity, to bid farewell to one of the 3rd Infantry Division’s long-serving leaders and to welcome one of its newest warriors.
Representatives from every Army program, agency or facility watched as Col. Todd Buchs, the now former garrison commander of the 3rd ID, passed the colors to his replacement, Col. Kevin Milton.
“Garrison commanders, how do we raise them in the Army?” Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo, commanding general of the 3rd ID, asked the crowd after the ceremony. “We don’t. We remove them from everything they know, we take them from a work place where everything is so straight forward … and we make them responsible for a small city … where they are dealing with a full spectrum of people issues.”
 Cucolo said that although the Army doesn’t automatically produce garrison commanders, it does create great leaders – leaders with a “fire for excellence” and love for brotherhood.
“That’s what made Col. Todd Buchs give his heart, his soul and everything he had to this small city for three years,” he said. “This corner of the Army, Georgia, is better, Todd, because of your sacrifice of time, pride and energy.”
Davis Tindoll Jr.,  director of the Southeast Region Installation Management Command, also commended Buchs for his works.
“Buchs’ accomplishments have been many,” Tindoll said. “He created an action plan, carrying support for programs that, because of his firm grip, have surpassed their expectations. He has forged many strong relationships, which will become his legacy.”
Tindoll spouted off a series of Buchs’ accomplishments, including his moving 25,000 pieces of equipment to Iraq during former President George Bush’s troop surge, helping the installation win the Army Community of Excellence award more than once during his tenure, managing nearly $24 million in renovations and improvements at several of Fort Stewart’s morale, welfare and recreation facilities and overseeing nearly a half billion dollars in construction projects on the post.
“Todd cares for soldiers and has improved their work and living situations … ,” Tindoll said. “Just drive around the installation and you will see a dramatic difference over the past few years."
“Todd, you have done well,” he said. “Godspeed, as you continue your career.”
Buchs, his face wrought with emotion, offered the audience a smile once or twice as they stood and cheered for him.
After shaking hands with scores of soldiers, supporters and friends, he uttered simply, “It’s the people.”
“We did it together,” he said. “I will always have fond memories of this place.”
Buchs, his wife Renee and their two children, Austin and Alexie, left Fort Stewart on Saturday for Fort Hood, Texas, where Buchs  is expected to team up with a former 3rd ID commander Brig. Gen. Rick Lynch.

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