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West Point cadets visit Fort Stewart
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For the past four weeks, upcom-ing officers in the United States armed forces have been hearing war stories, learning the ins and outs of enlisted military management and training on armored equipment at Fort Stewart.
On May 24, cadets from the United States Military Academy at West Point arrived at Fort Stewart for the first track of their Cadet Troop Leading Training or CTLT, a summer program that places cadets in positions to shadow various platoon leaders.
Seventeen of those cadets were assigned to the 3/7 Cavalry, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team and the 3rd Infantry Division.
Senior Cadet Tom Fons, 21, and Junior Cadet Gerard Connolly,
19, said the experience helped to teach them valuable lessons in leadership.  
“I observed my platoon leader dealing with his platoon,” Fons said, “I learned how officer and enlisted work together. They each have a difficult job to do.”
“Understanding the relationship they have with each other is obviously a very important part of their jobs,” Connolly said. “Now, I can bring that back to West Point and share that with the other cadets.”
On Wednesday, the cadets left Fort Stewart. They will receive two weeks of leave time before they continue their training.
Connolly plans to go Airborne and Fons said he will attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall where he will pursue a degree in chemical engineering.
The summer program was designed to help the cadets decide which branch of the Army they would like to serve in.
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