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Neighbor may have stolen pool full of water
Hinesville Police blotter
Hinesville crim map ap30-may5
The Hinesville PD maps where crimes occur in the city week-by-week.
From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Suspicious acts: A woman went to HPD on Monday to report the following.
“(She) stated she had just received her water bill today and observed that her usual water consumption was a lot larger,” the report said. “(She) stated she usually uses approximately 1,400 gallons of water a month, but according to her bill she has used 7,200 gallons of water this month. (She) stated she spoke with the water department and they advised her to that the water was used (from 1 p.m. on March 31 to 4 p.m. April 1).”
The woman said she was out of town on that date and when she got back noticed a next door neighbor “had a pool in their backyard.”
The woman said she didn’t get along with the neighbor, but can’t prove “that the neighbor used her water,” the report said, noting her bill went up about $20.
The officer gave the woman a victim rights form and said he would try to get contact the neighbor.

Obstruction, burning without a permit: An officer was sent to a Floyd Street address around 5 p.m. May 4 to “assist Hinesville Fire Department in reference to a burning violation.”
There, the officer spoke with the city fire marshal, who said the resident there “was not allowing him or the fire department to access her property to extinguish a burning fire.”
So, the officer and the marshal went to talk to the resident at her front door “and advised her to comply with the fire marshal and his orders,” the report said. “(She) began to yell obscenities and stated she was not going to allow any member of a government agency to step foot on her property.”
The officer explained to the woman she would be cited and that firefighters needed to put the fire out. The woman said she understood and the officer went back to his car to write a ticket for burning without a permit. Here’s what the officer said happened next:
“While I was writing out the (citation) I observed (the woman) run out of the back of her residence and quickly run towards the firefighters. I immediately exited my patrol vehicle and quickly approached (the woman). (She) was standing over the smoldering tree stump several inches from (the fire marshal) stating that she was not leaving and to ‘get the (bleep) off my property or you will be sorry.’ (The woman) then poked the fire marshal in the nose.”
The woman had to be taken from the fire so firefighters could put it out. She was arrested for obstruction and taken to HPD, then was released.

Suspicious acts: An officer was sent Monday to Gen. Screven Way at Saunders Avenue to meet with a man who said, well, this: “(He) advised he met a black, thick and bald headed woman (at a Highway 84 Parkers). He stated he purchased a $5 scratch off ticket and left the store with the woman in her white SUV. He allowed the female to scratch the ticket. (He) stated they drove to (an apartment complex) to purchase a ‘blunt of weed’ however, when he got out of the car she drove off and took his winning lottery ticket of $500 as well as his diabetes medication.”
The man told police he didn’t sign the card and didn’t know the woman, but he said the clerk at the store would verify his story. The officer went to the clerk, who said a short-haired woman was “standing at the counter attempting to buy a $5 scratch off ticket when (the man) offered to pay for the woman’s scratch off (and did).”

Identity theft: A woman went to HPD on Monday to report she went to Comcast and learned “she had an additional account … in her name which she did not authorize.” The woman said “Comcast also informed her that the account was six years old. Comcast was not able to provide (the woman) with a name for the user of the account, however, provided her with (a Garden City address) where the service was used.”
The woman said she had no idea who used her information and hadn’t authorized anyone to do so. She filed an identity theft report.

Assist citizen: A woman reported May 1 that while she was at Army AIT (the training a soldier receives after boot camp) back in 2016 a “former friend” got access to two of her accounts and stole about $1,500 from her. The former friend was in the Army reserve, the woman said.
The woman said she learned of the theft in 2016, but recently got the documentation. She also said she’d contacted MPs.

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