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New general takes command
MG Tony Cucolo now heads division, post
George and Babs Holtzman talk with Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo and his wife during a reception line after Monday's change of a command. - photo by Photo by Joe Parker, Jr.
The full panoply of military ceremony was rolled out Monday as the 3rd Infantry Division said goodbye to Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch and welcomed a new commander, Maj. Gen. Tony Cucolo.
The cannon boomed, the band played, the soldiers saluted, the generals trooped the line, the formations passed in review and the division commander's ring was handed over to Cucolo on Cottrell Field.
Cucolo is coming to the 3rd ID from the Pentagon where he served as the chief spokesperson for the Army.  Lynch moves on to Fort Hood, Texas, where he will get a third star and take command of III Corps.
Cucolo is a former commander of the 3rd ID's Third BCT. In his welcome it was jokingly said that the new division commander would not have to learn the unit's song, "Dog Face Soldier," remembering it from his previous service with the 3rd.

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