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New vehicles, equipment studied by Ludowici

The Ludowici City Council held their monthly meeting last Tuesday to discuss the latest business concerning the city of Ludowici.

The General Fund Bank Balance stands at $131,273.06. The Water/Sewer Bank Balance stands at $112,766.68. General Fund Savings is at $351,187.70. SPLOST stands at $90,122.37.

The first order of business was an open public hearing to apply for a grant of $53,000 for either police vehicles or equipment. The money will be ordered by September 30th.

Next up was the Republic Service Rate Increase. The council mentioned that the increase is 33 cents per month a can is picked up. They are in a contract so that they can do this annually based on costs. Also, costs of living increased were also taken into consideration. City Hall has to be notified 60 days prior to November 1st should they decide to opt out of their contract.

Mayor Jim Fuller acknowledged this was going to be a major adjustment. “It’s a major undertaking going through this,” said Mayor Fuller.

The 2022 LMIG Discussion was up next and the discussion pertained to figure out which street needs to be repaved. It would cost anywhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 to 40,000 to pave a particular street. Although $40,000 is the max to be repaved. Plus, $30,000 has to match 30% when it is repaved.

The Johnston Station, Phase 3A was next and City Hall approved building permits for this particular scenario. They were discussing charging water and sewer connecting fees and drafting up. In the meeting, it was said that citizens must pay water and sewer upfront which was expressed by Mayor Jim Fuller as a necessity in order to function.

“We need our money to operate,” said Mayor Fuller.

The AirMedcare Contract renewal was also discussed and there is an option to enroll in a full plan in which paying someone to be flown out would be $45 locally and $85 out of the city. Long County may be the only one in the whole state to have the renewal. The motion was renewed and the renewal will begin in September.

The State ARP Grant Awards were next. The council received information from State Senator Blake Tillery that they could receive a minimum of grants that can help with the infrastructure. The city is also eligible to get grants to help with water and sewer. The State ARP awards up to $850,000 in grants with $425,000 upfront and the other half at a later date. Also, as part of the ARP Grant, employee bonuses will include hazard pay and the council reached a consensus to give employees $3000. Delinquent payments on water bills were also a part of this. Credit accounts were $100 and

if a water bill is 60 days delinquent, it will be cut off and locked until said bill is paid in full.

Mayor Fuller was also vocal on this issue and believed it could provide the necessary help. “It’s an opportunity to get some extra help,” said Mayor Fuller. “We may never see it again.”

The City Hall’s attorney, Luke Moses, was also determined to push this through, but do so in a fair and humane fashion. “We will be aggressive yet conservative in our approach,” said Attorney Moses.

Lastly, City Hall wishes to hire temporary workers to cut grass and weed eat. If they do a good job, it might turn into a permanent position. The council is interested in doing a job fair at the Long County Library and Tina Skipper will contact Tammy Goober to see if they can get the ball rolling.



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