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Officials to meet and talk budget
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Like many other units of government, the Liberty County Commission has  been holding its meetings by teleconference to reduce the risk of Covid-19 exposure. But that will change Thursday when some county officials meet to work on the fiscal year 2021 budget.

Instead of conferring by telephone, the commissioners and officials plan to use their large meeting room to spread out for social distancing, and to possibly take other precautions like face masks. It is not known if a quorum will be present Thursday. Officials say they have made some cuts in the budget requests that initially totaled $41 million, but a lot more trimming will have to be done. The county fiscal year begins July 1 and the commissioners want to have a new budget in place by that time.

It is not known when the commission will resume regular in-person meetings.

 Under state law the commissioners must hold at least one public hearing on the budget before they adopt it. A copy of the proposed budget must be available for public inspection, also before adoption. It is not now clear how these requirements will be met in the face of precautions against the COVID-19 virus. 

Formal budget adoption is expected at the commission’s regular meeting June 2

The Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission has been deferring its scheduled meetings while the technology is being worked out for public participation.The next LCPC meeting is set for May 19 and citizens who register 24 hours in advance can listen to and comment on the pending actions.

An important part of that May 21 LCPC meeting will be a hearing on a plan to rezone for apartments land owned by the Hinesville Housing Authority. The site is off E.G. Miles Parkway near Yellow pine Street.

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