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One teenager killed after wreck on Rye Patch Road
Second teen, Guyett is doing well.
Mark Horne passed away shortly after 6 p.m. today - photo by Photo provided.
According to reports released by the Georgia State Patrol, speed was a factor in the Thursday afternoon truck crash that killed Mark Horne, 16, and injured Josh Guyett, 17.
Horne was driving and, for some reason, left the shoulder of the road to start the accident.
Georgia State Patrol Trooper, William Bowman reported that Horne and Guyett were traveling Southbound on Rye Patch Road near Smith Cox Road around 1:50 p.m. in a Chevy Silverado when Horne apparently left the road and shoulder. Bowman said the teen drove back onto the road, but apparently overcorrected, causing him to lose control. The vehicle rolled at least two times, ejecting Guyett, and then struck a tree and landed upright, facing the northbound lane.
Although the trooper said speed was a factor he couldn't specify how fast the driver was going at the time.
Ludowici/Long County Fire Chief Darrell Ballance said when he arrived he found Horne trapped in the vehicle.
"EMS personnel were performing lifesaving measures on him as we tried to extricate him," he said.
Ballance was finally able to free the teen when he cut off his boot which was lodged under the dashboard.
Emergency workers, responding to the wreck, included the Ludowici/Long County Fire Department, the Long County Sheriff's Department, the Long County EMS, and the Georgia State Patrol.
Horne was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center in Hinesville where he arrived listed in critical condition. Initial arrangements were being made to transfer Horne to Memorial Health in Savannah when his condition worsened and he was taken in for immediate surgery.
Ballance said the teen died shortly after 6 p.m. Balance, who was visiting the home of Horne's parents, when word came of the teen's death said the community was in shock.
"We had hoped he would have pulled through, and are saddened to learn he passed away. This is a tragedy for this family and the community to lose someone so young."
According to a Memorial Health spokesperson, Guyett was treated and later released.
A member of his family said he is doing well and is expected to completely recover from his injuries, however, he was saddened when he heard the news of his friend's passing.
Horne attended Long County High School. Guyett attends Bradwell Institute in Hinesville.

Lewis Levine contributed to this story
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