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5 active hobbies your family MUST do
While it may be tempting to spend your free time snuggled up with Netflix, pajamas and hot chocolate, studies show how engaging in physical activities does wonders for you and your family. - photo by Armela Escalona
Family members who engage in active hobbies get a boost of physical activity essential for ones heart, muscles and overall health. Aside from positive effects on the body, exercise is a good way to improve your kids and your cognitive skills; and a recent study has linked exercise to improved thinking and memory skills. So its no wonder family members who spend more time together outside have better relationships.

Convinced and ready to do an active family hobby? Try one from the list below.

1. Biking

Have you seen someone frowning while riding a bicycle? No. Thats because cycling makes people happy. This worthwhile activity is a great mood-booster and stress-reducer. Cycling is also a great way to burn calories, reduce traffic and pollution and save money from the ever-increasing price of gasoline. So, next Sunday, instead of your usual movie binge watching, rent a few bikes from your local bike shop and take your family out on a fun bike ride!

2. Swimming

Getting your family to play in water is a fun and healthy kind of exercise. It doesnt matter where you swimthe community pool or an outdoor hot spring. Remember that swimming is an essential survival skill you need to teach your kids while they are still young. Not sure where to look? Try this site that helps you find swimming pools in your area.

3. Camping

Camping is a fun activity to try with your family. You can roast marshmallows, tell campfire stories and teach kids survival skills while enjoying the great forests. Also, spending time in nature has known positive effects on ones brain. Fresh air is also great for the lungs and has wonderful effects on ones immune system. People who are cooped up in their own homes develop lower immunity than those who are often exposed to nature or those living close to farms and woods.

4. Gardening

Kids love the dirt. They love playing in mud puddles, watching seeds grow and watering plants. It doesnt matter if you are a seasoned gardener or a complete novice, a fun way to teach your children the importance of taking good care of plants is through gardening. Watching a baby seed grow to an adult plant is one of the most magical things on earth.

5. Bowling

Bowling is fun, competitive and a great exercise for your arm and leg muscles. It also improves posture and helps tone and strengthen muscles. What more can you ask for in a family activity! Bowling can even help you burn the fat you gained last holiday season. Kids easily learn it, and you often meet fun people in the bowling alley.

Like any other kind of hobby, physical activities are best enjoyed with the family and strengthen family bonds. Strong family bonds help raise happy and healthy children who will be more likely to become successful in their lives.
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