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Big fish break lines, but not hearts

Well fellow anglers and readers, last weekend took me back a couple of years like it was when I first started the dock tour.
I was mostly fishing solo back then. Every now and then Old Tight-Line would go on the tour with me. This is about eight years back. I had a few more docks back then.

Anyway when we started hooking up this past weekend, and lines started breaking it took me back to when I first started the dock tour. A lot of big fish were catch-and-release back then, and many lines were popped by big fish.
Even though the fish were lost, the fight was still a rush. So last weekend, Capt. Hippie and I had three big ones break our lines. The Captain was the first one to hook up and I have never seen that antique rod of his bend so much. The event was so much that Captain went and bought himself a brand new rod and reel.

He will be ready this weekend if we don`t get rained out. After we lost three and Hippie got tangled in a pine tree laying over the bank and I had to re-rig three times we finally landed two nice spot-tail bass.
I have those in the freezer awaiting the arrival of my good friend, Joan. She usually has most of the fish eaten before I get through cooking. So I am stuck with cheese grits. Oh well. I am going shrimping Friday, and Captain Hippie and I, and possibly Boo Hall, are going to hit the docks early Saturday.

So get out there and go fishing. Remember what Old Tight-Line always said, get out there and if you do remember to always keep a tight line. Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving and I will catch you next time.
That’s it for this week.

Living the tight-line life
on the coast,
Tight-Line Jr.

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