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Bull redfish season here, look on sandbars
Tight Line Jr.
Ronnie Smith caught a large bull redfish during a trip to South Carolina. He and Lu Smith also caught the limit on trout during the trip. - photo by Photo provided.

Hello, friends and fellow anglers. Tight Line Jr. here. All this lovely weather we’ve had lately really makes me want to be outside and fishing.
My dad, Ol’ Tight Line, always loved this time of year for fishing. It’s the time of year where you can wake up at the crack of dawn, fish and be home in time for lunch with a fresh catch. I was lucky to learn a lot about fishing in the saltwater from the man who knew it best.
Before I break into some local reports, let me tell you about bull redfish, which are mature red drum or big spottail bass. The bull red season now is upon us. Bulls return to their home waters twice a year. The spring migration is from March until May. The fall migration is September through November.
Look for the bulls around sandbars that are near inlets or around the sound area. Bulls usually will return to the same sandbars every year. Once you find them, there is nothing like hanging a bull red. It will be an adventure you won’t soon forget.
Now let’s get to the reports.
Alyssa McCartney, 3, was fishing with her parents, Sarah and Casey, and she caught her first fish — a nice trout. They went home, cleaned it and ate it for supper. Alyssa now is hooked on fishing. I always like to hear about young people getting involved with fishing — it’s a great sport for all ages.
Some friends of mine, Ronnie and Lu Smith, took a fishing trip to South Carolina. They caught the limit on trout and a few weak fish (summer trout), and they also got into some of the bull reds I spoke of.
Later in the week, Lu Smith and Mia Boyle went fishing a little south of us and landed the limit on trout and spottail bass. I must pay my friends a visit for a nice fish dinner soon. It’s not like they don’t have enough to go around. 
Billy Lane and his brother, Bob, fishing out of Yellow Bluff, caught the limit on spottail and also netted six trout and four flounder.
Robert Moody and Bing Phillips went out and came back with 15 trout and a few spottail bass.
In the famous words of my father, Ol’ Tight Line, get out there and go fishing, and if you do, always remember to keep a tight line. I say hit the docks, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down. So until next time, keep eye to the sky and face to the sun.

Your pal,
Tight Line Jr.

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